“For 30 years, ASTM Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices has brought together experts from around the world in an open forum to share best practices and develop safety standards for our industry. Out of this process has come a set of truly international standards that support the global amusement industry and promote amusement ride safety for people everywhere.”

-Greg B. Hale, Chief Safety Officer
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Member, ASTM Committee F24

F24 Quick Facts

  • Year organized: 1978
  • Committee membership: 480 professionals
  • Global participation: 23 countries represented
  • Standards-writing subcommittees: 9
  • Number of current standards: 17
  • States referencing F24 standards: 42

F24 Standards

The expansive scope of standards under the umbrella of ASTM Committee F24 cover design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, and operations across traditional amusement rides, water-related rides and devices, and special rides and attractions. F24 standards serve the needs of a wide range of amusement industry stakeholders: from ride engineers and manufacturers to park owners, regulators, consumer advocacy groups, and other parties. Read more about the committee’s family of standards.

Meetings and Events

The members of Committee F24 meet twice a year at ASTM committee week events. In addition, with the use of ASTM’s advanced online technology such as virtual meetings and electronic balloting, the committee’s global members are able to share ideas and information, and advance their standards development agenda throughout the year on an ongoing basis.

F24 members are also active at a wide range of amusement ride industry seminars and events worldwide. These efforts are part of F24’s harmonization goals to establish global consistency in major areas of ride safety standards. One notable area of cooperation is between F24 and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Throughout the year at IAAPA-sponsored venues, ASTM F24 and IAAPA bring together representatives from industry and standards bodies from around the world for working discussions on amusement industry standardization.

Upcoming events include:

Join Committee F24

Membership on ASTM Committee F24 gives you the opportunity to work with industry and technical experts from around the world in the premier ASTM standards development forum. You’ll help craft the standards that support the global amusement ride industry and promote safety for ride and park visitors everywhere. Get involved with ASTM Committee F24 today!