Proceedings, Bulletins, Materials Research & Standards

    The ASTM Bulletin was the official ASTM member magazine from 1921 to 1960, changing its name to Materials Research and Standards from 1961 to 1972. Usually published quarterly, these editions included news of the Society, its technical committee activites and publications, as well as technical papers. Each quarterly edition contains many individual technical papers. Proceedings of ASTM International were published annually and included all committee reports and technical papers offered to the Society during the calendar year. Digital copies are available from approximately 1909 - 1965

    Proceedings By Year

    1965   Proceeding PRO1965-65 Volume 65 324 Pages
    1964   Proceeding PRO1964-64 Volume 64 665 Pages
    1963   Proceeding PRO1963-63 Volume 63 827 Pages
    1962   Proceeding PRO1962-62 Volume 62 712 Pages
    1961   Proceeding PRO1961-61 Volume 61 733 Pages
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    Bulletins By Year

    AB6001-EB ASTM Bulletin January 1960
    AB6002-EB ASTM Bulletin February 1960
    AB6004-EB ASTM Bulletin April 1960
    AB6005-EB ASTM Bulletin May 1960
    AB6007-EB ASTM Bulletin July 1960
    AB6009-EB ASTM Bulletin September 1960
    AB6010-EB ASTM Bulletin October 1960
    AB6012-EB ASTM Bulletin December 1960
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    Materials Research & Standards By Year

    MRS7201-EB ASTM Materials Research and Standards January 1972
    MRS7202-EB ASTM Materials Research and Standards February 1972
    MRS7203-EB ASTM Materials Research and Standards March 1972
    MRS7204-EB ASTM Materials Research and Standards April 1972
    MRS7205-EB ASTM Materials Research and Standards May 1972
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