Petroleum Products, Lubricants, and Fossil Fuels


    C515-13 - Standard Specification for Chemical-Resistant Ceramic Tower Packings

    C559-16 - Standard Test Method for Bulk Density by Physical Measurements of Manufactured Carbon and Graphite Articles

    C560-15e1 - Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Graphite

    C561-16 - Standard Test Method for Ash in a Graphite Sample

    C562-15 - Standard Test Method for Moisture in a Graphite Sample

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    Symposia Papers & STPs


    STP1575 Environmentally Considerate Lubricants


    STP1578 Graphite Testing for Nuclear Applications: The Significance of Test Specimen Volume and Geometry and the Statistical Significance of Test Specimen Population

    STP1573 Fire Resistant Fluids

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    Manuals, Monographs & Data Series

    MNL5-5TH Aviation Fuel Quality Control Procedures: 5th Edition

    MONO12 U.S. Reformulated Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel and the U.S. Renewable Fuels Standard

    MNL77 Analysis of Biofuels – A Laboratory Resource

    MNL69 Fuels Specifications: What They Are, Why We Have Them, and How They Are Used

    MNL57-2ND Routine Coal and Coke Analysis: Collection, Interpretation, and Use of Analytical Data, 2nd Edition

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    Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

    Metrological Approach in the Study of Biodiesel Viscosity Variation with Temperature

    Fuel Quality Assessment of Ethyl Esters Produced from Vegetable Oils and Their Blends With Petroleum Diesel

    Influence of the Reaction Conditions on the Ester Content and Characterization of Biodiesel via Ethylic Route

    Comparison of the Performance of Copper Oxide Nanofluid with Water in Electronic Cooling

    Optimization of Biodiesel Production by Response Surface Methodology and Genetic Algorithm

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    Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ)

    Design of a Miniature Piezoprobe for Highqa Resolution Stratigraphic Profiling

    A Large Diameter Triaxial Apparatus to Measure Pore Pressure and Displacements on aqa Pre-existing Shear Zone/Plane

    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    Development and Application of the New Explosive Loading Experimental System of Digital Laser Dynamic Caustics

    Modeling and Prediction of the Air Permeability of Fabrics Based on the Support Vector Machine

    Analysis of FGD Solids With a Macro TGA System

    Measurement of Properties of Cutting Fluids With CAPB (Vegetable Based Emulsifier)

    Advances in the Understanding of Gelation in the Framework of the Test ASTM D5133

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