STP1528 Plastic Pipe and Fittings: Past, Present, and Future

    STP1369 Limitations of Test Methods for Plastics

    STP1222 Buried Plastic Pipe Technology: 2nd Volume

    STP1093 Buried Plastic Pipe Technology

    STP936 Instrumented Impact Testing of Plastics and Composite Materials

    STP736 Physical Testing of Plastics—Correlation with End-Use Performance

    STP437 Turbine Lubrication Problems

    STP375 Simulated Service Testing in the Plastics Industry

    STP327 Symposium on Standards for Filament-Wound Reinforced Plastics

    STP336 Symposium on Dynamic Behavior of Materials

    STP279 Reinforced Plastics for Rockets and Aircraft

    STP247 International Symposium on Plastics Testing and Standardization

    STP132 Symposium on Plastics Testing—Present and Future

    STP78 Symposium on Effects of Low Temperatures on the Properties of Materials