Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures

    STP1598 Fatigue and Fracture Test Planning, Test Data Acquisitions and Analysis

    STP1584 Evaluation of Existing and New Sensor Technologies for Fatigue, Fracture and Mechanical Testing

    STP1571 Application of Automation Technology in Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Analysis

    STP1559 Fatigue and Fracture Metallic Medical Materials and Devices

    STP1563 Tribo-Corrosion: Research, Testing, and Applications

    STP1546 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 38th Volume

    STP1526 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 37th Volume

    STP1539 Creep-Fatigue Interactions: Test Methods and Models

    STP1515 Fatigue and Fracture of Medical Metallic Materials and Devices: 2nd Volume

    STP1506 Advances in Electrochemical Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring and Measurement

    STP1508 Seventh International ASTM∕ESIS Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics (36th ASTM National Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics)

    STP1480 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 35th Volume

    STP1481 Fatigue and Fracture of Medical Metallic Materials and Devices

    STP1487 Structural Integrity of Fasteners Including the Effects of Environment and Stress Corrosion Cracking: 3rd Volume

    STP1497 Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Incorporation of Results into Design

    STP1476 Pendulum Impact Machines: Procedures and Specimens

    STP1439 Fatigue Testing and Analysis Under Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions

    STP1461 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, 34th Volume

    STP1429 Predictive Material Modeling: Combining Fundamental Physics Understanding, Computational Methods and Empirically Observed Behavior

    STP1450 Probabilistic Aspects of Life Prediction

    STP1417 Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics: 33rd Volume

    STP1425 Fretting Fatigue: Advances in Basic Understanding and Applications

    STP1428 Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: 4th Volume

    STP1406 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 32nd Volume

    STP1411 Applications of Automation Technology in Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Analysis: Fourth Volume

    STP1421 Outdoor Atmospheric Corrosion

    STP1323 Nontraditional Methods of Sensing Stress, Strain, and Damage in Materials and Structures

    STP1413 Mechanical Properties of Structural Films

    STP1360 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 30th Volume

    STP1367 Fretting Fatigue: Current Technology and Practices

    STP1371 Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: Third Volume

    STP1372 Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds, Endurance Limits, and Design

    STP1380 Pendulum Impact Testing: A Century of Progress

    STP1387 Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation: Testing and Prediction

    STP1389 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 31st Volume

    STP1391 Structural Integrity of Fasteners: Second Volume

    STP1392 Mechanical, Thermal and Environmental Testing and Performance of Ceramic Composites and Components

    STP1399 Marine Corrosion in Tropical Environments

    STP1401 Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Predictive Methods for Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Materials, Equipment, and Structures

    STP1332 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 29th Volume

    STP1343 Advances in Fatigue Crack Closure Measurement and Analysis: Second Volume

    STP1353 Acoustic Emission: Standards and Technology Update

    STP1359 Mixed-Mode Crack Behavior

    STP1370 Designing Cathodic Protection Systems for Marine Structures and Vehicles

    STP1330 Composite Materials: Fatigue and Fracture: 7th Volume

    STP1337 Effects of Product Quality and Design Criteria on Structural Integrity

    STP1362 Wear Processes in Manufacturing

    STP1280 Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation Testing Techniques

    STP1296 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 27th Volume

    STP1297 Elevated Temperature Effects on Fatigue and Fracture

    STP1298 Effects of the Environment on the Initiation of Crack Growth

    STP1300 Corrosion Testing in Natural Waters: Second Volume

    STP1303 Applications of Automation Technology to Fatigue and Fracture Testing and Analysis: Third Volume

    STP1304 M3D III: Mechanics and Mechanisms of Material Damping

    STP1311 Computerization and Networking of Materials Databases: Fifth Volume

    STP1315 Applications of Continuum Damage Mechanics to Fatigue and Fracture

    STP1318 Nontraditional Methods of Sensing Stress, Strain, and Damage in Materials and Structures

    STP1321 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 28th Volume

    STP1263 Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: Second Volume

    STP1276 Techniques to Assess the Corrosion Activity of Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures

    STP1277 Electrochemical Noise Measurement for Corrosion Applications

    STP1278 Effect of Surface Coatings and Treatments on Wear

    STP1292 Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques: 3rd Volume

    STP1220 Fracture Mechanics: 25th Volume

    STP1236 Structural Integrity of Fasteners

    STP1238 Cyclic Cabinet Corrosion Testing

    STP1239 Atmospheric Corrosion

    STP1244 Constraint Effects in Fracture Theory and Applicatons: Second Volume

    STP1247 Effects of Mechanical Stiffness and Vibration on Wear

    STP1248 Pendulum Impact Machines: Procedures and Specimens for Verification

    STP1251 Special Applications and Advanced Techniques for Crack Size Determination

    STP1256 Fracture Mechanics: 26th Volume

    STP1153 Fatigue of Electronic Materials

    STP1184 Cyclic Deformation, Fracture, and Nondestructive Evaluation of Advanced Materials: Second Volume

    STP1194 Application of Accelerated Corrosion Tests to Service Life Prediction of Materials

    STP1207 Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Fourth Volume

    STP1231 Automation in Fatigue and Fracture: Testing and Analysis

    STP1232 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Testing

    STP1250 Case Studies for Fatigue Education

    STP1156 Composite Materials: Fatigue and Fracture, Fourth Volume

    STP1165 Metallography: Past, Present, and Future (75th Anniversary Volume)

    STP1171 Constraint Effects in Fracture

    STP1186 Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials

    STP1188 Electrochemical Impedance: Analysis and Interpretation

    STP1189 Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Third Symposium

    STP1191 Advances in Multiaxial Fatigue

    STP1199 Tribology: Wear Test Selection for Design and Application

    STP1208 Automation of Mechanical Testing

    STP1210 Slow Strain Rate Testing for the Evaluation of Environmentally Induced Cracking: Research and Engineering Applications

    STP1211 Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques: Second Volume

    STP1122 Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques

    STP1130 Rapid Load Fracture Testing

    STP1131 Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Second Symposium (Volume II)

    STP1134 New Methods for Corrosion Testing of Aluminum Alloys

    STP1137 Corrosion Forms and Control for Infrastructure

    STP1145 Wear and Friction of Elastomers

    STP1148 Corrosion of Electronic and Magnetic Materials

    STP1149 Small-Crack Test Methods

    STP1151 Nondestructive Testing Standards: Present and Future

    STP1154 Computer Modeling in Corrosion

    STP1157 Cyclic Deformation, Fracture, and Nondestructive Evaluation of Advanced Materials

    STP1159 Standardization of Fretting Fatigue Test Methods and Equipment

    STP1167 Wear Testing of Advanced Materials

    STP1169 M3D: Mechanics and Mechanisms of Material Damping

    STP1172 Chevron-Notch Fracture Test Experience: Metals and Non-Metals

    STP1077 Acoustic Emission: Current Practice and Future Directions

    STP1094 MiCon 90: Advances in Video Technology for Microstructural Control

    STP1105 Tribological Modeling for Mechanical Designers

    STP1114 Elastic-Plastic Fracture Test Methods: The User's Experience (Second Volume)

    STP1000 Corrosion Testing and Evaluation: Silver Anniversary Volume

    STP1045 Dynamic Elastic Modulus Measurements in Materials

    STP1049 Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Science and Engineering

    STP1056 The Measurement and Correction of Electrolyte Resistance in Electrochemical Tests

    STP1058 Fatigue and Fracture Testing of Weldments

    STP1060 Surface-Crack Growth: Models, Experiments, and Structures

    STP1065 Corrosion Rates of Steel in Concrete

    STP1066 Laser Techniques in Luminescence Spectroscopy

    STP1072 Charpy Impact Test: Factors and Variables

    STP1074 Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-First Symposium

    STP1080 Thermal and Mechanical behavior of Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites

    STP1085 Quantitative Methods in Fractography

    STP1086 Corrosion in Natural Waters

    STP1088 Roofing Research and Standards Development: 2nd Volume

    STP1092 Applications of Automation Technology to Fatigue and Fracture Testing

    STP1117 Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1989

    STP1006 Development of Fatigue Loading Spectra

    STP1012 Composite Materials: Fatigue and Fracture, Second Volume

    STP1013 Effects of Soil Characteristics on Corrosion

    STP1020 Fracture Mechanics: Perspectives and Directions (Twentieth Symposium)

    STP1025 Factors That Affect the Precision of Mechanical Tests

    STP1004 Analytical and Experimental Methods for Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue

    STP1009 Progress in Analytical Luminescence

    STP1010 Selection and Use of Wear Tests for Ceramics

    STP1015 Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1985

    STP1028 Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1986

    STP1038 Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1987

    STP924 Basic Questions in Fatigue: Volume I

    STP942 Low Cycle Fatigue

    STP945 Fracture Mechanics: Eighteenth Symposium

    STP969 Fracture Mechanics: Nineteenth Symposium

    STP970 The Use of Synthetic Environments for Corrosion Testing

    STP973 Computerization and Data Management in the Metals Analysis Laboratory

    STP978 Galvanic Corrosion

    STP979 MiCon 86: Optimization of Processing, Properties, and Service Performance Through Microstructural Control

    STP982 Mechanics of Fatigue Crack Closure

    STP993 Mechanical Relaxation of Residual Stresses

    STP995V1 Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics: Volume I Time-Dependent Fracture

    STP995V2 Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics: Volume II Elastic-Plastic Fracture

    STP934 Computerized Quantitative Infrared Analysis

    STP946 Slurry Erosion: Uses, Applications, and Test Methods

    STP948 Fractography of Modern Engineering Materials: Composites and Metals

    STP949 The Design, Sample Handling, and Applications of Infrared Microscopes

    STP965 Degradation of Metals in the Atmosphere

    STP906 Corrosion Effect of Stray Currents and the Techniques for Evaluating Corrosion of Rebars in Concrete

    STP550 Nondestructive Rapid Identification of Metals and Alloys by Spot Test

    STP905 Fracture Mechanics: Seventeenth Volume

    STP908 Corrosion Monitoring in Industrial Plants Using Nondestructive Testing and Electrochemical Methods

    STP918 Case Histories Involving Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

    STP919 Drop-Weight Test for Determination of Nil-Ductility Transition Temperature: User's Experience with ASTM Method E 208

    STP927 Fatigue in Mechanically Fastened Composite and Metallic Joints

    STP954 Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1984

    STP853 Multiaxial Fatigue

    STP856 Elastic-Plastic Fracture Test Methods: The User's Experience

    STP857 Fatigue at Low Temperatures

    STP859 Corrosion and Degradation of Implant Materials: Second Symposium

    STP863 Advances in Luminescence Spectroscopy

    STP864 Recent Advances in Composites in the United States and Japan

    STP866 Laboratory Corrosion Tests and Standards

    STP868 Fracture Mechanics: Sixteenth Symposium

    STP876 Delamination and Debonding of Materials

    STP877 Automated Test Methods for Fracture and Fatigue Crack Growth

    STP880 Corrosion of Metals Under Thermal Insulation

    STP889 Microindentation Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering

    STP896 Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Technology

    STP911 Laser Induced Damage In Optical Materials: 1983

    STP821 Environment-Sensitive Fracture: Evaluation and Comparison of Test Methods

    STP827 Fractography of Ceramic and Metal Failures

    STP833 Fracture Mechanics: Fifteenth Symposium

    STP836 Effects of Defects in Composite Materials

    STP839 Practical Applications of Quantitative Metallography

    STP842 Damage Tolerance of Metallic Structures: Analysis Methods and Applications

    STP844 Methods for Assessing the Structural Reliability of Brittle Materials

    STP855 Chevron-Notched Specimens: Testing and Stress Analysis

    STP791 Fracture Mechanics: Fourteenth Symposium—Volume I: Theory and Analysis

    STP792 MiCon 82: Optimization of Processing, Properties, and Service Performance Through Microstructural Control

    STP798 Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Methods: Applications for Structural Design and Maintenance

    STP801 Corrosion Fatigue: Mechanics, Metallurgy, Electrochemistry, and Engineering

    STP803V1 Elastic-Plastic Fracture: Second Symposium, Volume I—Inelastic Crack Analysis

    STP803V2 Elastic-Plastic Fracture: Second Symposium, Volume II Fracture Resistance Curves and Engineering Applications

    STP808 Compression Testing of Homogeneous Materials and Composites

    STP811 Fatigue Mechanisms: Advances in Quantitative Measurement of Physical Damage

    STP813 Long-Term Behavior of Composites

    STP818 Corrosion of Metals in Association with Concrete

    STP822 New Directions in Molecular Luminescence

    STP753 Formability of Metallic Materials—2000 A.D.

    STP761 Design of Fatigue and Fracture Resistant Structures

    STP765 Mechanical Testing for Deformation Model Development

    STP767 Atmospheric Corrosion of Metals

    STP769 Selection and Use of Wear Tests for Coatings

    STP770 Low-Cycle Fatigue and Life Prediction

    STP772 Short Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

    STP775 Damage in Composite Materials: Basic Mechanisms, Accumulation, Tolerance, and Characterization

    STP776 Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue

    STP780 Materials Evaluation Under Fretting Conditions

    STP722 Eddy-Current Characterization of Materials and Structures

    STP723 Fatigue of Fibrous Composite Materials

    STP727 Electrochemical Corrosion Testing

    STP731 Tables for Estimating Median Fatigue Limits

    STP733 Fractography and Materials Science

    STP738 Fatigue Crack Growth Measurement and Data Analysis

    STP741 Underground Corrosion

    STP743 Fracture Mechanics

    STP744 Statistical Analysis of Fatigue Data

    STP745 Fracture Mechanics for Ceramics, Rocks, and Concrete

    STP748 Methods and Models for Predicting Fatigue Crack Growth Under Random Loading

    STP699 Applied Surface Analysis

    STP700 Fracture Mechanics

    STP710 Computer Automation of Materials Testing

    STP711 Crack Arrest Methodology and Applications

    STP713 Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel In Concrete

    STP714 Effect of Load Spectrum Variables on Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation

    STP716 Real-Time Radiologic Imaging: Medical and Industrial Applications

    STP717 Geothermal Scaling and Corrosion

    STP664 Erosion: Prevention and Useful Applications

    STP665 Stress Corrosion Cracking—The Slow Strain-Rate Technique

    STP668 Elastic-Plastic Fracture

    STP671 Service Fatigue Loads Monitoring, Simulation, and Analysis

    STP672 MiCon 78: Optimization of Processing, Properties, and Service Performance Through Microstructural Control

    STP675 Fatigue Mechanisms

    STP676 Stress Relaxation Testing

    STP677 Fracture Mechanics: Proceedings of the Eleventh National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics: Part I

    STP678 Fracture Mechanics Applied to Brittle Materials

    STP687 Part-Through Crack Fatigue Life Prediction

    STP697 Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Pressurized Systems

    STP701 Wear Tests for Plastics: Selection and Use

    STP647 Formability Topics—Metallic Materials

    STP642 Corrosion-Fatigue Technology

    STP643 Quantitive Surface Analysis of Materials

    STP645 Fractography in Failure Analysis

    STP646 Atmospheric Factors Affecting the Corrosion of Engineering Metals

    STP648 Fatigue Testing of Weldments

    STP651 Toughness and Fracture Behavior of Titanium

    STP656 Intergranual Corrosion of Stainless Alloys

    STP618 Flameless Atomic Absorption Analysis: An Update

    STP624 Nondestructive Testing Standards—A Review

    STP626 Reproducibility and Accuracy of Mechanical Tests

    STP627 Fast Fracture and Crack Arrest

    STP629 Chloride Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

    STP631 Flaw Growth and Fracture

    STP632 Developments in Fracture Mechanics Test Methods Standardization

    STP636 Fatigue of Filamentary Composite Materials

    STP637 Cyclic Stress-Strain and Plastic Deformation Aspects of Fatigue Crack Growth

    STP576 Galvanic and Pitting Corrosion—Field and Laboratory Studies

    STP586 Practical Applications of Neutron Radiography and Gaging

    STP590 Mechanics of Crack Growth

    STP591 Resistance to Plane-Stress Fracture (R-Curve Behavior) of A572 Structural Steel

    STP595 Fatigue Crack Growth Under Spectrum Loads

    STP596 Surface Analysis Techniques for Metallurgical Applications

    STP600 Fractography—Microscopic Cracking Processes

    STP601 Cracks and Fracture

    STP605 Properties Related to Fracture Toughness

    STP608 Recent Developments in Mechanical Testing

    STP610 Stress Corrosion—New Approaches

    STP612 Thermal Fatigue of Materials and Components

    STP613 Use of Computers in the Fatigue Laboratory

    STP615 Selection and Use of Wear Tests for Metals

    STP569 Fatigue of Composite Materials

    STP571 Monitoring Structural Integrity by Acoustic Emission

    STP588 Manual on Statistical Planning and Analysis

    STP566 Handbook Of Fatigue Testing

    STP549 The Influence of State of Stress on Low-Cycle Fatigue of Structural Materials: A Literature Survey and Interpretive Report

    STP556 Fatigue and Fracture Toughness—Cryogenic Behavior

    STP557 Metallography—A Practical Tool for Correlating the Structure and Properties of Materials

    STP558 Corrosion in Natural Environments

    STP559 Fracture Toughness and Slow-Stable Cracking

    STP560 Fracture Analysis: Proceedings of the 1973 National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics, Part II

    STP562 Determination of The Spectrochemical Working Curve

    STP563 Instrumented Impact Testing

    STP567 Erosion, Wear, and Interfaces with Corrosion

    STP520 Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures

    STP526 Direct-Current Magnetic Hysteresigraphs

    STP527 Fracture Toughness Evaluation by R-Curve Methods

    STP534 Manual of Industrial Corrosion Standards and Control

    STP536 Progress in Flaw Growth and Fracture Toughness Testing

    STP542 The Analysis of Slags and Related Oxide-Type Materials

    STP547 Manual on Electron Metallography Techniques

    STP490 Effect of Notches on Low-Cycle Fatigue: A Literature Survey

    STP504 Stereology and Quantitative Metallography

    STP505 Acoustic Emission

    STP506 Electron Beam Microanalysis

    STP511 Probabilistic Aspects of Fatigue

    STP513 Stress Analysis and Growth of Cracks: Proceedings of the 1971 National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics: Part 1

    STP514 Fracture Toughness: Part II

    STP516 Localized Corrosion—Cause of Metal Failure

    STP517 Optical Emission Spectrometers

    STP518 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Metals—A State of the Art

    STP485 Energy Dispersion X-Ray Analysis: X-Ray and Electron Probe Analysis

    STP486 Damage Tolerance in Aircraft Structures

    STP488 Elevated Temperature Testing Problem Areas

    STP489 Hold-Time Effects in High-Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue: A Literature Survey and Interpretive Report

    STP493 Applications of Electron Microfractography to Materials Research

    STP495 Metal Fatigue Damage: Mechanism, Detection, Avoidance, and Repair

    STP496 Fracture Toughness Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures

    STP519 Cyclic Stress-Strain Behavior—Analysis, Experimentation, and Failure Prediction

    STP371S1 Direct-Current Magnetic Measurements for Soft Magnetic Materials

    STP462 Effects of Environment and Complex Load History on Fatigue Life

    STP463 Review of Developments in Plane Strain Fracture Toughness Testing

    STP466 Impact Testing of Metals

    STP467 Achievement of High Fatigue Resistance in Metals and Alloys

    STP474 Characterization and Determination of Erosion Resistance

    STP476 Advanced Testing Techniques

    STP480 Applications of Modern Metallographic Techniques

    STP331 Molecular Formula List of Compounds, Names, and References to Published Infrared Spectra

    STP443 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

    STP445 Materials Performance and the Deep Sea

    STP446 Evaluation of Wear Testing

    STP453 Electron Microfractography

    STP459 Fatigue at High Temperature

    STP465 Manual on Low Cycle Fatigue Testing

    STP430 Fifty Years of Progress in Metallographic Techniques

    STP435 Metal Corrosion in the Atmosphere

    STP436 Electron Fractography

    STP439 Nondestructive Testing of Nuclear Graphite

    STP449 Bibliography on Low - Cycle Fatigue 1957–1967: Part I Sub-Divided References

    STP408 Erosion by Cavitation or Impingement

    STP415 Fatigue Crack Propagation

    STP419 Test Methods for Compression Members

    STP423 Relation of Testing and Service Performance

    STP425 Stress Corrosion Testing

    STP9O 1964 References on Fatigue

    STP396 Advances in Electron Metallography: Vol. 6

    STP397 Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Titanium

    STP404 Structural Fatigue in Aircraft

    STP410 Plane Strain Crack Toughness Testing of High Strength Metallic Materials

    STP391 Literature Survey on Creep Damage in Metals

    STP373 Application of Advanced and Nuclear Physics to Testing Materials

    STP378 Internal Friction, Damping, and Cyclic Plasticity

    STP379 Symposium on Newer Structural Materials for Aerospace Vehicles

    STP381 Fracture Toughness Testing and its Applications

    STP390 Correlation of Deep-Drawing Press Performance with Tensile Properties

    STP394 Fire and Explosion Hazards of Peroxy Compounds

    STP348 Resinographic Methods

    STP349 Symposium on X-Ray and Electron Probe Analysis

    STP368 Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys

    STP371 Magnetic Testing—Theory and Nomenclature

    STP372 Techniques of Electron Microscopy, Diffraction, and Microprobe Analysis

    STP350 Symposium on Recent Developments in Nondestructive Testing of Missiles and Rockets

    STP329 CODEN for Periodical Titles

    STP331A First Supplement to Molecular Formula List of Compounds, Names, and References to Published Infrared Spectra

    STP338 Symposium on Fatigue Tests of Aircraft Structures: Low-Cycle, Full-Scale, and Helicopters

    STP339 Symposium on Advances in Techniques in Electron Metallography

    STP340 Symposium on Properties of Surfaces

    STP355 List of Alloy Phase Designations of the X-ray Diffraction Data File Sections 1–12

    STP357 Molecular Formula List of Compound Names and References to Published Ultraviolet and Visible Spectra

    STP358 Serial Number List of Compound Names and References to Published Infrared Spectra

    STP91A A Guide for Fatigue Testing and the Statistical Analysis of Fatigue Data

    STP9AA Five-Year Bibliography on Fatigue 1950–1954

    STP9BB Five-Year Bibliography on Fatigue 1955–1959

    STP303 Symposium on Elevated-Temperature Compression Testing of Sheet Materials

    STP304 Symposium on Major Effects of Minor Constituents on the Properties of Materials

    STP307 Symposium on Erosion and Cavitation

    STP317 Symposium on Advances in Electron Metallography and Electron Probe Microanalysis

    STP283 Properties of Crystalline Solids

    STP284 Symposium on Acoustical Fatigue

    STP287 Symposium on Low-Temperature Properties of High-Strength Aircraft and Missile Materials

    STP289 Symposium on Shear and Torsion Testing

    STP255 Report on Marine Atmosphere Exposure of Galvanic Couples Involving Magnesium

    STP262 Symposium on Electron Metallography

    STP263 Symposium on Education in Materials

    STP269 Symposium on Spectroscopy

    STP274 Symposium on Fatigue of Aircraft Structures

    STP278 Symposium on Nondestructive Testing in the Missile Industry

    STP285 Symposium on Methods of Metallographic Specimen Preparation

    STP296 Report on Physical Properties of Metals and Alloys from Cryogenic to Elevated Temperatures

    STP90E 1960 Supplement to the Metal Cleaning Bibliographical Abstracts

    STP260 Literature Surveys on Influence Stress Concentrations at Elevated Temperatures and The Effects of Nonsteady Load and Temperature Conditions on the Creep of Metals

    STP237 Symposium on Basic Mechanisms of Fatigue

    STP257 Symposium on Microscopy

    STP9K 1959 References on Fatigue

    STP216 Symposium on Large Fatigue Testing Machines and their Results

    STP222 Symposium on Determination of Gases in Metals

    STP223 Symposium on Nondestructive Tests in the Field of Nuclear Energy

    STP230 Symposium on Elevated Temperature Strain Gages

    STP245 Symposium on Advances in Electron Metallography

    STP196 Metals

    STP194 Symposium on Tension Testing of Non-Metallic Materials

    STP199 Report on Elevated-Temperature Properties of Wrought Medium-Carbon Alloy Steels

    STP203 Fatigue of Aircraft Structures

    STP213 Symposium on Nondestructive Testing

    STP9I 1957 References on Fatigue

    STP174 Symposium on Metallic Materials for Service at Temperatures Above 1600 F

    STP175 Symposium on Atmospheric Corrosion of Non-Ferrous Metals

    STP176 Symposium on Impact Testing

    STP185 Symposium on Speed of Testing of Non-Metallic Materials

    STP187 Relaxation Properties of Steels and Super-Strength Alloys at Elevated Temperatures

    STP9H 1956 References on Fatigue

    STP171 Symposium on Basic Effects of Environment on the Strength, Scaling, and Embrittlement of Metals at High Temperature

    STP155 Symposium on Techniques for Electron Metallography

    STP157 Symposium on Fluorescent X-ray Spectrographic Analysis

    STP160 Report on The Elevated-Temperature Properties of Selected Super-Strength Alloys

    STP165 Symposium on Effect of Cyclic Heating and Stressing on Metals at Elevated Temperatures

    STP41C Index to the Literature on Spectrochemical Analysis, Part III, 1946–1950

    STP90C 1954 Supplement to the Metal Cleaning Bibliographical Abstracts

    STP128 Symposium on Strength and Ductility of Metals at Elevated Temperatures: With Particular Reference to Effects of Notches and Metallurgical Changes

    STP133 Symposium on Conditioning and Weathering

    STP137 Symposium on Fatigue with Emphasis on Statistical Approach-II

    STP143 Symposium on Light Microscopy

    STP145 Symposium on Non-Destructive Testing

    STP121 Symposium on Statistical Aspects of Fatigue

    STP124 Report on the Elevated-Temperature Properties of Stainless Steels

    STP129 Symposium on Determination of Elastic Constants

    STP9D References on Fatigue

    STP101 Symposium on Ultrasonic Testing

    STP108 Symposium on Corrosion of Materials at Elevated Temperatures

    STP112 Symposium on the Rôle of Non-Destructive Testing in the Economics of Production

    STP9C References on Fatigue

    STP100 Report on the Strength of Wrought Steels at Elevated Temperatures

    STP104 Symposium on Dynamic Stress Determinations

    STP110 Symposium on the Nature, Occurrence, and Effects of Sigma Phase

    STP78 Symposium on Effects of Low Temperatures on the Properties of Materials

    STP96 Papers on Radiography

    STP98 Symposium on Rapid Methods for the Identification of Metals

    STP9B Articles on Fatigue

    STP91 Manual on Fatigue Testing

    STP72 Symposium on Testing of Parts and Assemblies

    STP73 Symposium on pH Measurement

    STP67 Symposium on Atmospheric Exposure Tests on Non-Ferrous Metals

    STP62 Symposium on Magnetic Particle Testing

    STP28A Symposium on Radiography

    STP47 Impact Resistance and Tensile Properties of Metals at Subatmospheric Temperatures

    STP51 Symposium on New Methods for Particle Size Determination in the Subsieve Range

    STP30 Symposium on Wear of Metals

    STP32 Symposium on Corrosion Testing Procedures