Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures

    Failure Analysis of an Arresting Hook Point Shank

    An Evaluation of ASTM D6200

    Silica-Based Coatings for Corrosion Protection of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy

    Anisotropy in Residual Stress Measurements in Aluminum Alloys Used in the Aerospace Industry

    475°C Embrittlement of Duplex Stainless Steel—A Comprehensive Microstructure Characterization Study

    Identification of Intermetallic Phases in an Automotive Grade Aluminum A319 Alloy

    Characterization of Thermochemically Surface-Hardened Titanium by Light Optical Microscopy

    The History of Metallography at Lehigh University

    Effect of Homogenization and Microstructural Refining on the High Temperature Deformation of a Cast Al-Si-Mg Alloy

    Microstructure Analysis of Segmented Chips of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sandvik SAF 2507™ Using Electron Microscopy Techniques

    Study of Scale Formation on Al2O3-Scale Forming Alloys by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF–SIMS)

    Strain-Induced Martensite Detection Methods in Cold-Rolled Duplex Stainless Steels

    Heat-Affected Zone Formation in Electrospark-Deposition Additive Manufacturing on Ultrahigh-Strength Steel

    Structural Investigation and Control of Multi-Pass Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Arc Weldments

    Investigation of the Origin of Coarse-Grained Bainite in X70 Pipeline Steels by EBSD Technique

    A Review on the Role of Microstructural Heterogeneities in the Failure of Aerospace Components: A Metallographer’s Perspective

    Metallurgical Nature of the As-Cast Microstructure of High-Nitrogen, High-Manganese Stainless Steels

    Anisotropic Nature of Raw, Radially Strained, and Radially Strained and Aged Steel Tubes

    Quantitative Description of Microstructural Banding in Steels

    Role of Chloride on the Environmental Degradation of Micro-Alloyed Steel in Simulated Fuel Grade Ethanol Environment

    Influence of Different Micro-Imprints to Fatigue Life of Components

    Analysis of Incubation Period Versus Surface Topographical Parameters in Liquid Droplet Erosion Tests

    Design and Tribological Performance of Textured Surfaces

    Improved Tribological Behavior of Grey Cast Iron Under Low and High Viscous Lubricants by Laser Surface Texturing

    Experimental Validation of a Mixed-Lubrication Regime Model for Textured Piston-Ring-Liner Contacts