Iron and Steel Products

    DS67D Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards, 5th Edition

    MNL22-2ND Business Performance Excellence through Total Quality Management—2nd Edition

    MNL53 Steel Forgings: Design, Production, Selection, Testing, and Application

    DS65 Atmospheric Corrosion Investigation of Aluminum-Coated, Zinc-Coated, and Copper-Bearing Steel Wire and Wire Products

    DS59 Evaluations of the Elevated Temperature Tensilde and Creep-Rupture Properties of 12 to 27 Percent Chromium Steels

    DS58 Evaluation of the Elevated Temperature Tensile and Creep-Rupture Properties of 3 to 9 Percent Chromium-Molybdenum Steels

    DS45A Compilation and Index of Trade Names, Specifications, and Producers of Stainless Alloys and Superalloys

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