General Methods and Instrumentation

    Exploring the Links between Task-Level Knowledge Management and Project Success

    Hybrid Test Case Optimization Approach Using Genetic Algorithm With Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Regression Testing

    Group Runs Double Sampling np Control Chart for Attributes

    Validity of Ruffier Test in Evaluation of Resistance to the Physical Effort

    Evaluating the Performance of Physical Fitness by Statistical Inference of Physical Fitness Index

    Statistical Modeling of Discrete Percentage Measurements With Application to Construction of Acceptance Bounds for Wood Failure in Structural Adhesive Testing

    Transmuted Kumaraswamy-G Family of Distributions for Modelling Reliability Data

    Creating a Management Strategy Evaluation Model for Taipei City Sports Centre by Using Hybrid MCDM Models

    Online Detection of Strand Breakage for Sirospun Yarn

    Optimal Plans of Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Tests for the Lindley Distribution

    Assessing S-Type Process Quality of Data Involving Batch-to-Batch Variation

    Repetitive Availability Demonstration Testing Procedure

    EWMA np Control Chart for the Weibull Distribution

    Applying MQCAC and Fuzzy TOPSIS to Improve the Unleaded Gasoline Quality

    True Triaxial Apparatus With Rigid-Flexible-Flexible Boundary and Remolded Loess Testing

    The Quadratic Hazard Rate Power Series Distribution

    A Longitudinal Study of Identifying Critical Factors of Patient Safety Culture in Taiwan

    Real Time Implementation of 3-Phase 4-Wire Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Based on PI Controller

    Determination of the Reliability of Guidewires' Visibility Measurement

    Efficient and Robust Estimation of GARCH Models

    Performance Evaluation of International Container Ports in Taiwan and Neighborhood Area by Weakness and Strength Indices of FMCDM

    Applying Fuzzy Similarities Between Evaluation Alternatives and Extreme Solutions for Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

    Variable Limits and Control Charts Based on the Half Normal Distribution

    Development of an Optimal Design for Conforming Run Length Sampling Methods in the Presence of Inspection Errors

    Evaluating the Perceived Relational Benefits of Travel Agents on Managing Relationships With National Tourism Organization Abroad Offices: An Empirical Study

    Evaluating the Control Variable of Economic Growth by Using Extenics Theoretical Analysis

    A Novel General Approach for Solving a Supplier Selection Problem

    Cost Optimization of a Single-Server Queue With Working Breakdowns Under the N Policy

    A New Family of Quadratic Hazard Rate-Geometric Distributions With Reliability Applications

    Selection of Sampling Inspection Plans for Life Tests Based on Lognormal Distribution

    Testing and Ranking Multiple Wafer-Manufacturing Processes With Fuzzy-Quality Data

    Estimation of a Modified Capability Index for Non-Normal Distributions

    Acceptance Sampling Plan Using Successive Sampling Over Two Successive Occasions

    Optimization Analysis of the G/G/R Machine Repair Problem With Balking and Reneging

    X-Bar Control Charts for Non-Normal Correlated Data Under Repetitive Sampling

    System Reliability of a Machine Repair System With a Multiple-Vacation and Unreliable Server

    New Algorithm of Similarity Measures for Pattern-Recognition Problems

    A New Family of Generalized Quadratic Hazard Rate Distribution With Applications

    Applying FQFD and Utility Representative Functions Under Fuzzy Environment for FMCDM

    A Novel Approach for Evaluating TFT–LCD Manufacturer Operational Performance

    Random Policy for an Unreliable Server System With Delaying Repair and Setup Time Under Bernoulli Vacation Schedule

    A New Service Performance Index Based on Time Interval of Complaints

    Optimal Release Policies of Delayed Discrete Reliability Growth Model With Imperfect Debugging

    CHETAH 10.0, the ASTM Computer Program for the Prevention of Reactive and Flammability Hazards

    Constructing and Testing Data Models for LHC Electrical Quality Assurance

    Evaluating the Lagged Effects of Direct Employee Equity Incentives on Organizational Innovation

    Testing a Framework for Evaluating Critical Success Factors of Projects

    Investigation of Thermal Comfort Properties of Jeggings Manufactured by the Use of Knitted Denim-Like Fabrics

    Evaluating and Selecting the Best Outsourcing Service Country in East and Southeast Asia: An AHP Approach

    The Effective Thermal Conductivity of Water Based Nanofluids at Different Temperatures

    Selection of the Most Significant Variables of Air Pollutants Using Sensitivity Analysis

    Effect of Silver Flakes and Particle Shape on the Steady Shear Viscosity of Isotropic Conductive Adhesives

    Material Characterization of Heat Shrinkable Film

    A Perceptual Measure of Blocking Artifact for No-reference Video Quality Evaluation of H.264 Codec

    Optimal Control of the Machine Repair Problem with Removable Repairman Subject to Working Breakdowns

    An Economic Design of a Group Sampling Plan for a Weibull Distribution Using a Bayesian Approach

    A New Mixed Variable Lot Size Sampling Plan Based on Process Capability Index

    Hybrid Model for Evaluating Services in New Service Development

    Assessing True TFT-LCD Process Quality in the Presence of Unavoidable Measurement Errors

    An Importance-Performance Analysis of Human Factors for Patient Safety Management Strategy

    Reliability Analysis and Evaluation of Key Parts for Automobiles on the Basis of Dimensional Changes During High-Speed Operation

    Capability Measure for VoIP Performance

    Economic Design of SkSP-R Skip-Lot Sampling Plan

    Improving Fruit Set, Yield and Fruit Quality of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera, L. cv. Mnifi) Through Bunch Spray With Boron and Zinc

    Enhancement of Inventory Management for the Wafer Manufacturing Industry by Combining Market Demand Forecast and Demand-Pull Replenishment

    An Extended Algorithm of Similarity Measures and Its Application to Radar Target Recognition Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets

    Engine Cylinder Head Temperature Measurement Based on Optical Fiber Probe

    Convenient Ratio Approach for Industrial Implementation in Estimating and Testing Process Yield

    Estimating Process Capability Index Cp with Various Sample Types: A Practical Implementation

    User Purpose Analysis for Mobile Banking Service

    Developing an Integrated ANP and Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS Model for Supplier Selection

    Integrating Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction with Random Forests for Financial Distress Prediction

    Resubmitted Sampling Inspection Plan for Exponentiated Weibull Distribution

    Design and Evaluation of Bayesian Dependent State Sampling Inspection Plans

    Diffusion Approximation for G/G/R Machine Repair Problems with Balking and Reneging

    A Novel Approach Based on Performance Influence for Evaluating Criteria of Service Quality

    Optimal Linear Regression Estimator in the Fitting of Weibull Strength Distribution

    Approximately Unbiased Estimator for Non-Normal Process Capability Index CNpk

    Rheological Characteristics of a New Kind of Friction-Promoting Grease

    An Effective Procedure for Supplier Selection Applied to Glass Substrate Processes with Multiple Lines

    A Novel Credit Risk Assessment Model Using a Granular Computing Technique

    Parameter Dependency of Activation Energy in Modulated Thermogravimetry

    The Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reproducibility of Activation Energy Values Measured by Modulated Thermogravimetry

    An Introduction to Lifetime Testing by Thermogravimetry

    Modeling Potential Future Energy Demand for Turkey in 2034 by Using an Integrated Fuzzy Methodology

    Comparison of Isothermal Predictions Based on Model-Free and Model-Based Kinetic Methods

    Film Impact Performance and Adhesion Study in Multilayered Systems

    Temperature Index of Electrical Insulations by mTGA

    Optimization of Machine Repair System with Controlling Arrival and Switching Failure

    Testing a Model for Evaluating Influence of PM Practices on ETO Manufacturing Performance

    Antiferroelectric-Like and Large Pyroelectric Behaviors of an Organic Compound: (S)-(+)-4-{[(1-Methylheptyl)Oxy]Carbonyl}Phenyl-4-(Hexyloxy)Benzoate

    Box-Cox Transformation Approach for Evaluating Non-Normal Processes Capability Based on the Cpk Index

    Monitoring the Aging of Industrial Motors by Geometric Trending of Frequency Domain Signatures

    Defect Prediction for New Products During the Development Phase

    A Novel Biometric System Based Hand Vein Recognition

    Monitoring of Process Parameters Under Measurement Errors

    Selection of Combined Continuous Lot-by-Lot Sampling Plans with Single Sampling Plan by Attributes as the Reference Plan

    Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part I: Discussion and Methods

    Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part II: Numerical and Experimental Results

    The Effects of Ownership Structure and Board Characteristics: Evidence From Chinese SOEs

    Ricocheted Rifle and Shotgun Projectiles: A Ballistic Evaluation

    Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Estimations under Failure-Censored Partially Accelerated Life Tests

    Applying Importance–Performance Analysis With Simple Regression Model and Priority Indices to Assess Hotels' Service Performance

    The Evaluation Criteria of Recruiting Local Staffs for Taiwanese Enterprise in China

    Selection of Minimum Sample Size Tightened-Normal-Tightened Sampling Inspection Schemes

    Effect of Peel Side on Optimum Condition for Measuring Flexible Film Peel Strength in T-Peel Adhesion Test

    Sputtering Process Assessment of ITO Film for Multiple Quality Characteristics With One-Sided and Two-Sided Specifications

    Implementation and Use of Feasibility Assessment of Biometric Locker System for Swimmers

    Measuring Principles of a Thrust Flow Transducer and Its Applications in River Flow Velocity

    Comparator With Optical Encoder System for the Calibration of Leveling Staffs

    Evaluation of Single Sampling Plans by Attributes Using Mixture of Two Distributions

    Supplier Selection for Processes with Multiple Characteristics Based on Testing Capability Index Cpk

    An Assessment of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility with Multiple Characteristics

    Evaluation of Effective Thermal Conductivity for Mineral Cast Structural Materials Using Steady-State and Transient Methods

    Monitoring of Vertical Movement in a Four-Story Wood-Frame Building in Coastal British Columbia

    Lifetime Prediction of White OLED Based on MLE Under Lognormal Distribution

    Pressure Distribution of Dynamic Water Penetration Tests for Curtain Walls

    Aircraft Turbine Engine Manufacturing with Multiple Specifications

    Fuzzy Testing for Regression Coefficient of Fuzzy Numbers

    Designing of Group Sampling Plans Based on Gamma-Poisson Distribution

    A New Method for Threat Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis of Air-Raid-Target-Based on Connection Number

    Precision Tool Condition Monitoring for Grinding Wheel in IC Manufacturing of Silicon Wafer

    Reliability Evaluation of Failure Data with Poor Information

    Implementation of Evaluating Process Capability Index Cpk for Processes with Multiple Characteristics

    An Effective Powerful Test for Supplier Selection Evaluation with Multiple Characteristics

    A Gauge Study for Dynamic Light Scattering and Differential Mobility Analyzer Instruments

    A Standby System with General Repair and Imperfect Switching

    An Effective Procedure for Calculating Weibull Production Yield with Mean Shift

    Evaluating Process Yield for LED Assembly under Undetected Process Parameter Change

    Performance Evaluation and Loss Measures for the Deterioration Process

    Parameters Estimation Under Step-Stress Life Test Based on Censored Data From Generalized Exponential Model

    Constructing an Evaluation Model for Agenting Online Games

    Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to Inertial Profile Verification: A Laboratory Approach

    Novel Error Prediction Method of Dynamic Measurement Lacking Information

    Process Capability Evaluation for Square Bumps with Mean Shift

    Time Truncated Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Generalized Exponential Distribution

    A Clustering Analysis Model for Golden Die Extractions Based on Wafer Acceptance Test at Semiconductor R&D Stage

    Dynamic Characteristics of a Recoil System When Firing Projectiles with Mach 4.4 Muzzle Velocity from a 105 mm Cannon

    Six Sigma Based Control Chart for Fraction Defectives

    The Evaluation of Affecting Factors of the Chinese Language Learner Market

    Measurement Method for the Assessment of the Energy Consumption of Cooking Setups

    Kinetic Analysis of Thermally Simulated Processes in Biopolymer Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate)

    Combining Gray Relation and Analytical Hierarchy Process Concepts to Develop a Decision Support System of Supply Chain Project Management

    Two Tests for Supplier Selection Based on Process Yield

    Developing a New Foresight Model for Future Technology Evaluation in Electric Vehicle Industry

    Evaluation of a Rotary Laser Body Scanner for Body Volume and Fat Assessment

    Determining the performance of collaborative design systems based on AHP sensitivity analysis

    Selection of Collaborative Technology Used by Software Contractors

    Modal Parameter Identification of a Prototype Arch Dam Using Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition and Stochastic Subspace Identification Techniques

    Analysis of Financial Distress Prediction Models

    Quality Control of Turkish Calcareous Natural Stone Using the Merkont System

    Capability Testing Based on Subsamples: A Case on Photolithography Process Control in Wafer Fabrication

    A Testing and Evaluation Model for the Electrocardiogram Variation Application

    Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Pareto Distribution of the Second Kind

    Method for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Small Highly Insulating Specimens

    Process Performance Evaluation with Imprecise Information

    Preparing Taiwanese Students for Insurance Industry Jobs: Curriculum Reform and Evaluation

    Understanding the Molecular Surface Charges of Asphalt or Clay Particles and Application in the Transportation and Oil Sands Industries

    Design of Sudden Death Tests for Estimation of a Weibull Percentile

    Reliability Life Prediction of VFD by Constant Temperature Stress Accelerated Life Tests and Maximum Likelihood Estimation

    Measurement and Simulation of Thermal Stability of Poly(Lactic Acid) by Thermogravimetric Analysis

    Information Extraction from Interlaboratory Comparison in Testing—Temperature Measurement in the Black Test Corner

    Pressure Effects on Oxygen Concentration Flammability Thresholds of Polymeric Materials for Aerospace Applications

    LOX Compatible Toughened Bismaleimide Matrix Thermally Conductive Fiber Composites Part I: Composite Fabrication Viability And Thermal Conductivity Measurement

    LOX Compatible Toughened Bismaleimide Matrix Thermally Conductive Fiber Composites Part II: ASTM D2512 Specimen Fabrication, Cleaning And Testing

    Statistical Rules for Laboratory Networks

    Scheduling of Pipelined Data Paths for On-line Testability

    Accurate Measurement of Flow Stress Curves at High Temperatures for Low Strain Ranges

    Sensitivity Analysis of the Small Specimen Bulge Test by the Finite Element and the Taguchi Methods

    The U Test for Outlier Detection in Normal Distributions with Known σ

    Interlaboratory “Pilot Run” Study of Small Heat-Flow-Meter Apparatus for ASTM C 518

    Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties and Surface Roughness of Aluminum Alloy 601

    Creep Test of Cured-In-Place Pipe Material Under Tension, Compression, and Bending

    Hot Plane Strain Compression Testing of Aluminum Alloys

    Eliminating Wasteful “Cut and Try” Procedures in Gas Chromatography Method Development Using Computer Modeling

    The Extraction and Determination of Azadirachtin from Soil and Insects by Supercritical Fluid Extraction

    Third-Party Inspection Agency Response to Changing Needs

    Outliers in Interlaboratory Testing

    Temperature Calibration of Thermomechanical Analyzers: Part I—The Development of a Standard Method

    Temperature Calibration of Thermomechanical Analyzers: Part II—An Interlaboratory Test of the Calibration Procedure

    Accuracy of a Volume Fraction Measurement Using Areal Image Analysis

    Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of the Mechanical Performance of a Gas-Fired Ceramic Radiant Tube at Steady-State

    A Useful Hedonic “Smiley” Scale

    Risk Assessment for Halogenated Solvents

    Recent Scientific Developments That Affect the Assessment of Risk Posed by Trichloroethylene and Perchloroethylene

    The Risks of Extrapolations of Metal Fatigue Data

    A Method for Determining the Tensile Properties and Anisotropy of Aluminum Alloys

    An Experimental Sieving Machine

    Principles, History, and Status of Dual-Energy Computerized Tomographic Explosives Detection

    Development Program for Radiation Contrast Baggage Inspection System

    User Requirements and Performance Specifications for Explosive Vapor Detection Systems

    Recent Advances in Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Explosives Vapor Detection

    Assuring the Quality of Data Through Laboratory Quality Assurance

    Temperature Effect on Rheological Properties of Cattle Manure Slurry

    Certificate Values—What Do They Mean and How They Should Be Used

    Short-Range Ordering in Nickel-Chromium Thermocouple Alloys

    Sampling Plans with Low Consumers' Risk

    Electromotive Force Stability of Nicrosil-Nisil®

    Statistical Tolerance Limits for Censored Log-Normal Data

    An Optical Comparator for Evaluation of Fine Sieves

    Stress Analysis from Temperature Data

    Development of Light- and Water-Exposure Apparatus

    A Mathematical Model for the Determination of the Breakage Distribution in Batch Grinding

    A New Stable Nickel-Base Thermocouple

    Life Testing of Enclosed Heating Elements

    Evaluation of an 80Ni-20Cr Alloy in an Enclosed Heating Element

    Mechanical Properties of Cast Tin-Lead Solder

    Towards the Standardization of Time-Temperature Parameter Usage in Elevated Temperature Data Analysis

    Life Testing of Nickel-Chromium Alloys

    Tables for Making an Early Decision in Precedence Tests

    Sources and Magnitude of Errors in the Measurement of Coating Thickness with the Double-Beam Interference Microscope

    Thermomechanical Testing of Plastics for Environmental Resistance

    Room Temperature Creep Behavior of Superplastic Zn-22Al under Bending and Plane Conditions