General Methods and Instrumentation

    Exploring the Links between Task-Level Knowledge Management and Project Success

    Evaluating the Performance of Physical Fitness by Statistical Inference of Physical Fitness Index

    Validity of Ruffier Test in Evaluation of Resistance to the Physical Effort

    Group Runs Double Sampling np Control Chart for Attributes

    Hybrid Test Case Optimization Approach Using Genetic Algorithm With Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Regression Testing

    Online Detection of Strand Breakage for Sirospun Yarn

    Creating a Management Strategy Evaluation Model for Taipei City Sports Centre by Using Hybrid MCDM Models

    Transmuted Kumaraswamy-G Family of Distributions for Modelling Reliability Data

    Statistical Modeling of Discrete Percentage Measurements With Application to Construction of Acceptance Bounds for Wood Failure in Structural Adhesive Testing

    Assessing S-Type Process Quality of Data Involving Batch-to-Batch Variation

    Optimal Plans of Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Tests for the Lindley Distribution

    A Longitudinal Study of Identifying Critical Factors of Patient Safety Culture in Taiwan

    The Quadratic Hazard Rate Power Series Distribution

    True Triaxial Apparatus With Rigid-Flexible-Flexible Boundary and Remolded Loess Testing

    Applying MQCAC and Fuzzy TOPSIS to Improve the Unleaded Gasoline Quality

    EWMA np Control Chart for the Weibull Distribution

    Repetitive Availability Demonstration Testing Procedure

    Real Time Implementation of 3-Phase 4-Wire Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Based on PI Controller

    Determination of the Reliability of Guidewires' Visibility Measurement

    Acceptance Sampling Plan Using Successive Sampling Over Two Successive Occasions

    Estimation of a Modified Capability Index for Non-Normal Distributions

    Testing and Ranking Multiple Wafer-Manufacturing Processes With Fuzzy-Quality Data

    Selection of Sampling Inspection Plans for Life Tests Based on Lognormal Distribution

    A New Family of Quadratic Hazard Rate-Geometric Distributions With Reliability Applications

    Cost Optimization of a Single-Server Queue With Working Breakdowns Under the N Policy