Medical Devices and Services

    Comprehensive Analysis of Performance Data for Energized Vessel Sealing Devices

    Intraclass Correlation Test-Score Reliability of a Single Trial

    Models of Intra- and Interclass Correlation Test Mean-Score Reliability

    Using Systematic Innovation Process to Improve the Manufacturing Technology of Platelet Agitators

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    Experimental Validation of Fuzzy-Tuned AWPI Controller-Based Chopper Driven PMDC Motor

    Failure Mode of Pedicle Screw Fixation Depends Upon the Presence, Absence, and Position of Interbody Spacers. A Pilot Study

    Experimental Research of Thermal-Oxidative Aging on the Mechanics of Aero-NBR

    Bibliometric and Social Network Analysis for Data Mining: The Intellectual Structure of Tourism Destination Literature

    Method for Dynamic Material Property Characterization of Soft-Tissue-Mimicking Isotropic Viscoelastic Materials Using Fractional Damping Models

    A Hybrid Model by Empirical Mode Decomposition and Support Vector Regression for Tourist Arrivals Forecasting

    Investigation on the Flammability of Diverse Cast PA6 Semi-Finished Products

    The Assessment of Hand Volume Using a Modified Volumetric Technique

    Analysis of Loss of Torque in Dental Implants Containing Gold Washers between Implant and Screw Head

    Mechanical Test Methods for Assessing Porcine Carotid and Uterine Artery Burst Pressure Following Ex Vivo Ultrasonic Ligature Seal and Transection

    The Efficiency Analysis of Life Insurance Company in Taiwan: Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis

    The Information Value Applying to the Newsboy Model with the Cutoff Transaction Size

    Double Watermarking and Turbo Coding for Robust Image Watermarking

    Methodology for Evaluating Candidate Geometric Reference Scaffolds

    Methodology of Lifetime Predictionqa in Polymer Aging

    Performance Evaluation of PLA against Existing PET and PS Containers

    A Simple Noncontact Displacement Measuring System for Online Bubble Height Measurement During Polymer Bubble Inflation at Elevated Temperature

    Weibull Analysis Effective Volume and Effective Area for a Ceramic C-Ring Test Specimen

    Precision of the Performance of the En Core® Sampler to Store Low Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds