Water and Environmental Technology

    Effect of Clothing Layers on Mass Transfer of Methyl Salicylate Vapor Through CBRN Materials in a Cylinder Test

    Implementation of Thermal-Energy-Harvesting Technology on Pavement

    Evaluation of Foot Protection Effectiveness Against AP Mine Blasts: Effect of Deflector Geometry

    An Innovative Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Sludge-Incorporated Fly Ash Bricks

    A New Extension of the ELECTRE Method Based Upon Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets for Green Logistic Service Providers Evaluation

    Analysis for the Relationship Between Concentrations of Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters in Xi'an, China

    Performance of Cementitious Composites Incorporating Ground TFT-LCD Waste Glass

    Elucidating How Interface Design and Cognitive Function Affect Learning Performance in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System

    Research on Malachite Green Wastewater by Flocculation and Co-Precipitation

    Standardization of Oil Sorbent Performance Testing

    Selection of Tightened–Normal–Tightened Variable Sampling Scheme Indexed by Crossover Point

    A Novel Nonlinear Integrated Forecasting Model of Logistic Regression and Support Vector Machine for Business Failure Prediction with All Sample Sizes

    Process Monitoring Using Quantiles Control Charts

    Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on Adsorbent Properties of Carbon From Leather Buffing Dust and Sawdust

    Evaluation of a Cryogenic Sprayer Using Liquid Nitrogen and a Ballasted Roller for Weed Control

    Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Microwave-Fenton Oxidation Process Catalyzed by Fe2+ Loaded on GAC

    Experimental Testing and Evaluation of Parameters on the Extraction of Water from Air Using Thermoelectric Coolers

    A Green Purchasing Model by Using ANP and LP Methods

    Laboratory Evaluation of Microwave Heating Method for Hot In-Place Recycling

    Evaluating the Optimal City in South China for New Medical Facilities: The Application Modified Porter’s Diamond Framework

    Analytic Network Process-Based Approach to Evaluate the Preferable Bancassurance Alliance Model from Supervisory Authorities’ Perspectives

    Analyzing Settling of Fine-Grained Soil by Electrical Resistance Measurements

    Investigation on the Bulk Performance and Microstructure of Emulsion-Based, Cold In-Place Recycling Mixtures

    Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in the Determination of Alumina in Deodorants Using Complexometric Method

    Comparing Moisture Meter Readings with Measured Equilibrium Moisture Content of Gypsum Board

    Group Decision–Making in a Multiple Criteria Environment—A Case Using the AHPGR Model to Assess Digital Video Recorder Systems

    Testing of Salt-Contaminated Materials: Use of Aqueous Solutions for Control of Relative Humidity

    Assessment of Clothing Effects in Thermal Comfort Standards: A Review

    Ambiguities in Technical Standards—Case Study IEC 60112—Measuring the Resistance of Solid Isolating Materials to Tracking

    Use of the Modified Cup Method to Determine Temperature Dependency of Water Vapor Transmission Properties of Building Materials

    A Methodology for Fuel Tank Durability Test Development

    Mechanical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

    An Application of the Random Balance Method in Conjunction with the Plackett-Burman Screening Design in Metal Cutting Tests

    Methodology for Determination of Electrical Properties of Soils

    Data Supporting a Provisional ASTM Method for Metalworking Fluids Part 3. Evaluation of an ASTM Method for Metalworking Fluids in a Survey of Metalworking Facilities

    Retrieval and Interpretation of Crash-Related Data from Nonresponsive Electronic Control Units in Land Vehicle Systems

    Heavy Metal Retention Behavior of Clayey Soils

    A New Multiparameter Approach to the Prediction of Wear Rates in Agricultural Sprayer Nozzles

    Test Method Using Energy to Evaluate the Cut Resistance of Protective Clothing Against Chain Saws

    Leaching Behavior of Indian Fly Ashes by an Oedometer Method

    Remedial Sealant Procedures for Fixed Glass and Curtain Walls

    Efficient Mitigation of Edge Effects in Nearest-Neighbor Analysis

    Leaching Studies on ASTM Type F Fly Ashes by an Accelerated Process Method

    Automatic Field Permeameter for Drainage Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixes

    Development and Precision Testing of a Standard Test Method for Screening Fuels in Soils

    Two Parameters Limiting the Sensitivity of Laboratory Tests of Condoms as Viral Barriers

    Assessment of the Corrosion Behavior of SS 304L in Nitric Acid Environments—An Alternative Approach

    Comparison of Selected Properties of Barrier Textile Materials Used in Durable, Moisture Repellent Protective Clothing

    Development and Validation of a Standard Test Method for Sequential Batch Extraction of Waste with Acidic Extraction Fluid

    Formulation and Application Technologies for Microbial Pesticides: Review of Progress and Future Trends

    Future of Water Treatment

    Comparison of Six Media for Klebsiella spp. Enumeration by Membrane Filtration

    Use of a Digital Waveform Analyzer, Accelerometers, and a Load Cell to Measure Momentum and Clamping Forces of Killing Traps for Furbearers

    Mechanical Evaluation and Performance Improvement of the Rotating Jaw Conibear 120 Trap

    Solving Air Pollution by Reducing Emission Losses from Solvent Vapor Cleaning Systems

    Complementary Statistical Methodology for Precision and Bias Determination of Test Methods from Collaborative Studies on Analysis of Solutes in Water Cited in ASTM Standard Practice D 2777-86

    A Statistical Analysis of the Notch Toughness of 9% Nickel Steels Obtained from Production Heats

    Cytotoxicity of Incinerator Fly Ash on Alveolar Macrophages

    A Preliminary Examination of the Laboratory Sheen Test

    Factors Affecting Results of Chemotaxis Inhibition Tests with Protozoa

    Wastewater Sludge Treatment and Utilization in the U.S.S.R.

    Comparison of Precision and Accuracy Estimates from State and Local Agency Air Monitoring Stations with Results of EPA's National Performance Audit Program

    A Provisional Multispecies Toxicity Test Using Indigenous Organisms

    Poor Selectivity of Certain Lots of Commercially Available KF-Streptococcus Agar

    A Discussion of the Method for the Determination of Free Cyanide in Water and Wastewater by Microdiffusion

    Evaluation of the Ultrasonic Method for Solubilizing Dapnia magna Before Liquid Scintillation Counting

    Development of a Multiple Inoculator System for the Identification of Aerobic Heterotrophic Bacteria

    Physical Properties of Densified Refuse Derived Fuel

    A Hierarchical Approach to the Measurement of Changes in Community Structure Induced by Environmental Stress

    Critique of the Standard Biochemical Oxygen Demand Method

    A Twelve-Year Macroinvertebrate Study in the Vicinity of Two Thermal Discharges to the Susquehanna River Near York Haven, PA

    The Quality of Runoff from Model Coal Piles

    Precision of Low-Level Soluble Copper Measurements in Natural Freshwater Systems

    A Standard-Reference Water-Suspended Sediment Sample for Total Recoverable Metals

    Methods for Determination of NH4+-N, NO3-N and Organic Forms of Nitrogen in Wastewaters

    Determination of Arsenic in Geologic, Biologic, and Water Samples by Flameless Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emisson Spectrometry Following Distillation

    Pilot Study for U.S. Geological Survey Standard Reference Water Samples for Pesticides

    Current Research into the Potential for Utilization of Mine Waste

    Measurement of Organic Halide Content of Aqueous and Solid Waste Samples

    Current and Potential Uses for Mining and Mineral Processing Wastes in Canada: Standards

    A Dispersant Effectiveness Test Based on the Drop-Weight Interfacial Tension Test Method

    Development of a Chronic Toxicity Test Using Chironomus riparius and the Sublethal Effects of Trisodium Carboxymethyloxysuccinate

    Potential for Utilization of Solid Wastes from Sulfur Oxide Control Processes

    Utilization of Fluidized Bed Combustion Wastes

    Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide with the Lead Dioxide Plate (Huey Plate)

    Acute Fish Toxicity and Absorption Tests of an Experimental Detergent Builder, Trisodium Carboxymethyloxysuccinate

    Some Parameters Influencing the Release Pressure of Reverse-Buckling Safety Disks

    Field and Laboratory Protocols for Evaluating the Effects of Chemical Substances on Aquatic Life

    Respirable Fraction of Airborne Dust: Quantitative Descriptions, Formal Definitions, and Performance Characteristics of Samplers Matched to Them

    A Screening Bioassay Using Daphnia pulex for Refinery Wastes Discharged into Freshwater

    Sampling of Maintenance Dredgings

    Contamination Control in the Production of High-Purity Chemicals

    Development of Cold Weather Paving Specifications