Evaluation in the Sit-and-Reach Flexibility Test

    Performance Optimization of Vehicle Handling and Stability Using Multiple Surrogate Models

    Using the Fuzzy TODIM Method as a Decision Making Support Methodology for House Purchasing

    Identification of Failure Mechanism Consistency for NBR Accelerated Test

    Effect of Hardness and Surface Roughness on Slip Resistance of Rubber

    Validation of an Electronic Sensor Network (ESN) Control Chamber for Monitoring the Soil Decomposition Process of Sago Starch-filled Natural Rubber Latex Films

    The Effect of Temperature on the Tear Behavior of Various Elastomers: Part 2—Application Considerations

    Experimental Evaluation of a Variable Shear Modulus Characteristic for Magnetorheological Elastomer Due to Induced Current

    The Factors Affecting the Shear Viscosity of Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) Melt Under Reverse Pressure

    The Effect of Temperature on the Tear Behavior of Various Elastomers

    Effect of Isopropanol and Ethanol on the Tensile Properties of Natural Rubber Latex Condoms

    Regression of the Recovery Rate of ACM Rubber Gasket for Long-Term Performances

    Fuzzy-GIS Approach for Applying the AHP Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model to Evaluate Real Estate Purchases

    Determination of Dry Rubber Content in Natural Rubber Latex Based on Wavelet-Domain Fluorescence Image

    Analysis of the Machine Repair Models With Multi-Threshold Synchronous Vacations

    Comparative Analysis of Brake Data of Vehicles on Two Different Ministry of Transport Brake Roller Testers

    Standardized Polymer Durometry

    A Novel Measurement System for Dry Rubber Content in Concentrated Latex Based on Y-Type Optical Fiber

    Rubber-Filler Interactions and Its Effect in Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Filled Compounds

    Evaluation of the Shear Modulus of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings Using Modal Data

    A New Biaxial Tension Test Fixture for Uniaxial Testing Machine—A Validation for Hyperelastic Behavior of Rubber-like Materials

    Effectiveness of Seal Rejuvenators for Bituminous Pavement Surfaces

    High Frequency Dynamic Testing of Rubbers and Rubber to Metal Devices

    Water Testing Natural Rubber Latex Condoms: A Comparison of Surveillance Test Methods

    Measurement of Lateral Deformation in Natural and High Damping Rubbers in Large Deformation Uniaxial Tests