Deformations of Cylindrical Corrugated Pipes

    Objective Fuzziness Assessment of Multi-Colored Fabrics Using 3D Images

    Thermoset Polymer Reinforced With Silica Micro and Nanoparticles

    Performance Evaluation of a Plastic Foundation for Sewage Pipeline

    Studies of Absorption in Sanitary Protective Gloves

    Sub-Scale Testing for Strength and Creep-Rupture of Polymers

    Biaxial Ratcheting of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: Experiments and Constitutive Modeling

    Direct Isoconversion Method for Nonisothermal Kinetic Analysis

    An Experimental Investigation of Factors Considered for the Short Beam Shear Strength Evaluation of Carbon Fiber–reinforced Thermoplastic Laminates

    Investigation of Hygro-Thermal Cycle Effects on the Membranes of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

    Thermal Degradation Kinetics of a Linked Polyurethane Acrylate Film

    An Evaluation of the Non-Isothermal and Isothermal Pyrolysis of Polyether Sulfone in Thermogravimetric Analysis

    The Damage Investigation of Wedge-Shaped Electromagnetic Riveting Structure of CFRP/Aluminium Alloy

    Understanding Melt Index and ASTM D1238

    Characterization of Carbon Black Particles Mixing in Polymeric Matrix by Direct Methods

    Characterization of Carbon Black Particles Dispersion in Polymeric Matrix by Indirect Methods

    Development and Calibration of an Electronic Miniature Cone Penetrometer for Design of Small Piles in Silty Clays

    Spatial Distribution of the Compressive Stress-Strain of Recycled Polymeric Piling

    Validation Through Finite Element Simulation of the Behaviour of a Polyurethane Shock Absorber Under In-Service and Extreme Conditions

    Characterization of Mechanical Properties of a Shock Absorber Polyurethane Foam for Elevators. Numerical Fitting of Mechanical Behavior Models for Hyperelastic and Elastomeric Foam Materials

    Measurement of Strain Distribution and Material Flow in Bulk Deformation by the Screw Method

    Tensile Creep Studies on Filled Polychloroprene Elastomer

    Long-Term Testing of Trenchless Pipe Liners

    Dynamic Axial Stiffness of Typical Restrained and Unrestrained Underground Pipe Joints

    Inverse Equivalent Elastic and Viscoelastic Loading Problems—Analytical and Computational Simulations of Experiments

    Evaluation of the Ignition Susceptibility of Plastics in Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) by Autogenous Ignition Testing

    Effect of the Aging of the “Product/Package” System on the Mechanical Properties of Plastic Packaging

    Weathering Effects on the Fracture Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes

    Characterization of Mechanical Properties in Surface-Treated Materials

    Effect of Austempering Variables on the Quasi-Static and Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Austempered Ductile Iron

    Impact Force Comparison of Polymers: Molded-Notch Versus Cut-Notch Using the ASTM D 256 Izod Impact Test Method

    A Method of Finding the Effective Length of the Specimen Used in the Hot Torsion Test and Recommendations on Geometry of the Test Specimen

    Local Versus Global Strain Measurement of a Polymeric Geogrid

    Residual Stresses in Plastic Pipes by Laser Speckle Technique

    Effect of Specimen Thickness on the Long-Life Fatigue Performance of a Randomly-Oriented Continuous-Strand Glass-Mat-Reinforced Polypropylene Composite

    Characterization of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Polymer Modified Bitumens—Comparison of Conventional Methods and Dynamic Mechanical Analyses

    Effect of High Strain Rate on the Properties of PVC Pipe

    Numerical Assessment of the Dynamic Tension Test Using the Split Hopkinson Bar

    The Influence of Test Piece Preparation on the Compressive Strength of Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Plastic

    Development of an Improved Compression Specimen Geometry for Unreinforced Polymers

    Application of Surface Fabrication to Strain Measurement in Nanometer Scale with the Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    Constant Temperature-Compensated Strain Rate Testing of Aluminum

    Local Strain in Corrugated Pipe: Experimental Measurements to Test a Numerical Model

    Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Cellular Polystyrene and Polyurethane Insulation Materials Aged on a Flat Roof in Hot-Dry Climate

    Controlling, Data Acquisition, and Data Processing for Axial and Shear Creep Tests Using a Computer

    Data Acquisition and Analysis of Tensile Properties for Metal Matrix Composites

    Dynamic Testing of the Strength of Helmet Chin Straps

    Lifetime Predictions of uPVC Pipes from Short Time Tests

    The Vibration-Flex Test Method to Determine the Susceptibility of Plastic Films to Pinhole Formation Due to Flexing

    Effect of Internal Gas Pressure on the Compression Strength of Beverage Cans and Plastic Bottles

    Performance of Hybrid Reinforcements in PVC Composites: Part I—Use of Surface-Modified Mica and Wood Pulp as Reinforcements

    Analysis of Large Diameter High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Pipes As Vertical Shafts in Landfills

    An Assessment of the Effects of Treatment, Time, and Heat on the Removal of Erasable Pen Marks from Cotton and Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabrics

    Glossary (German/English, English/German) of Specialized Plastics Testing Terminology

    The Structural Ceramics Database: Data Acquisition Format for Monolithic Ceramics

    Influence of Test Methodology on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Engineering Plastics

    Weathering Effects on Some Mechanical Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes

    Flexural and Shear Moduli of Full-Section Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Pultruded Beams

    Experimental Determination of Hydrostatic Compression versus Volume Change Curves for Cellular Solids

    Strain Measurement Technique for Elevated Temperature Tensile and Creep Testing of Foil-Gage Metals

    Flow of Semi-Solid Foods over Inclined Packaging Surfaces as an Index of Traction

    Improved Impulse-Frequency Response Techniques for Measurement of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials

    Analysis of Service Failures in Thermoplastic Pressure Piping Water Systems

    Evaluation of the Mechanical Behavior of Plain and Spirally Stiffened Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes

    Crack Growth in High-Density Polyethylene Pipes

    A New Test Method for Determining Environmental Stress-Crack Resistance of Ethylene Based Plastics

    Cross-Linking of Polyfluoroolefin Copolymers

    Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (EPDM) and Fluorocarbon (FKM) Elastomers in the Geothermal Environment

    A Basis for Predicting Longtime Behavior from Short-Time Tests of Geothermal Sealants

    Effect of Weathering at Different Exposure Angles on the Tensile Impact Resistance of Thermoplastics

    Fracture Toughness of Stretched Acrylic Plastic

    The “Instantaneous” Effect of Internal Moisture Conditions on the Strength of Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics

    A New Method of Test for Flexural Fatigue of Plastics

    Delayed Yielding of a Plane Stress Viscoelastic Dugdale Model

    Simulating Rain Impact Damage to Supersonic Missile Radomes

    Environmental Stress Cracking of Thermoplastics: A New Approach to Testing

    Characterization of Polymeric Materials by Dynamic Mechanical Properties

    Screening Test for Torsional Creep Performance of Plastics

    An Extensometer for Circumferential Strains