Study on the Characterization and Evaluation Methods of PA6 Chips for High-Speed Spinning

    Mixing Mechanism and Evaluation of the Dispersion Effect of a 3D Dynamic Mixer

    Automatic Measurement of Fabric Crease Recovery by Image Sequence Analysis

    Measurement of High Rotating Speed of Ring Spinning Frame

    Automatic Measurement of Yarn Crimp Using Image Analysis

    The Effects of Accelerated Heat and Light Aging on Textiles Marked with Fabric Marking Pens

    A New Method for Strain Measurement in the Tensile Testing of Filamentous Materials

    Characterizing Profiled Fibers by Multiscale Shape Representations

    A Quantitative Fabric Drape Evaluation System Using Image-Processing Technology, Part 2: Effect of Fabric Properties on Drape Parameters

    Evaluation of Finishing Processes for Linen Fabrics Using the Kawabata Evaluation System

    The Development of ASTM D 4772: The Water Flow Test Method

    Effects of Laundering and Exposure to Light on Environmentally-Improved Fabrics

    A Test Method to Determine the Relative Humidity Dependence of the Air Permeability of Woven Textile Fabrics

    Evaluation of the Fibrillation Behavior of Oriented Polymer Tapes Using a Tensile Test Method

    The Relationship Between Porosity and Air Permeability of Woven Textile Fabrics

    Prediction of Single-Layer Fabric Air Permeability by Statistical Modeling

    Comparative Studies of Yarn and Fabric Friction

    Effects of Wash Temperature on Bacterial Survival and Strength Retention of Cotton Fabrics

    Accelerated Weathering of Marine Fabrics

    Effect of Fiber Loss by Carding on Average Fiber Diameter of Core Samples of Grease Wool

    A Rapid Technique for Estimating Fiber Lengths of Mineral Wools and Other Staples

    The Influence of Some Variables on Extraction Results of Wool Top

    Truncated Sequential Sampling Plan for Use in Determining the Grade of Wool

    Comparison of Cotton Fiber Fineness and Maturity on Air-Flow Instruments

    Comparisons of Determinations of Wool Fiber Diameter by Two Airflow Methods