Petroleum Products, Lubricants, and Fossil Fuels

    Modeling and Prediction of the Air Permeability of Fabrics Based on the Support Vector Machine

    Analysis of FGD Solids With a Macro TGA System

    Measurement of Properties of Cutting Fluids With CAPB (Vegetable Based Emulsifier)

    Advances in the Understanding of Gelation in the Framework of the Test ASTM D5133

    An Evaluation Model Using Fuzzy TOPSIS and Goal Programming for TQM Consultant Selection

    Coal and Coke Volatile Matter Determination and Reconciliation of Differences in Yields Determined by Two ASTM Methods

    Developing a Project Evaluation and Testing Model to Assess Stable Photovoltaic Slicing Machine

    A Simple Estimator of Errors-in-Variables Model Using Instrumental Errors Ratio

    Aqueous Aluminum Nanofluid Combustion in Diesel Fuel

    Multi-Depth Deflectometer Dynamic Response Measurements under Simulated New Generation Aircraft Gear Loading

    Thermal Stability Testing of Refractory Specimen

    Rapid Determination of Swelling Pressure of Clay Minerals

    Cone Resistance of Compacted Ash Fill

    Improvement of Sulfur Detection Limits in Petroleum Products Using ASTM D 4045

    Reference Verification Fluids for Flash Point Determination

    The Effect of Kinematic Viscosity on the Flash Point of Liquids Determined by ASTM D 93 Procedure A, ASTM D 93 Procedure B, and ASTM D 56

    Color Change as a Predictor of Strength Loss in PFD Cover Fabrics

    Bias Testing: Myths, Misconceptions, and Mistakes

    Scoring of Precision Spur Gears

    Effect of Composition of El-lajjun Oil Shale on Its Calorific Value

    Laboratory Testing Procedure for Evaluation of Moving Bed Catalyst Attribution

    Analysis of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Deposits by Spectral Fluorometric Technique

    Development of Analytical Methodology and a Report on Collaborative Study on the Determination of Morpholine, Cyclohexylamine, and Diethylaminoethanol in Aqueous Samples by Direct Aqueous Injection Gas Chromatography

    Cetane Number of Small Samples by Engine Throttling: Reliability Comparison with Standard Cooperative Fuels Research Method

    Dynamic Young's Modulus Measurements in Metallic Materials: Results of an Interlaboratory Testing Program