Definition and Quantification of Anchor Ductility and Implications on Seismic Design

    Evaluation of the Low Temperature Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Using a Digital Image Correlation Approach

    Self-Healing of Dense Asphalt Concrete by Two Different Approaches: Electromagnetic Induction and Infrared Radiation

    Effects of Ageing on the Bond Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Concrete Adhesive Joints: Investigation Using a Modified Double Shear Test

    Assessment of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Materials Using an Acoustic Emission Approach

    Analysis of Cracking Resistance of Bituminous Mixtures Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loads

    Study on Gamma-Ray Shielding Characteristics of Lead Oxide, Barite, and Boron Ores Using MCNP-4C Monte Carlo Code and Experimental Data

    Analysis of AM2 Airfield Matting Performance Under Six-Wheel Boeing C-17 Gear Loading

    Effect of Moisture Hysteresis on the Resilient Modulus of Lime-Treated Expansive Clay

    Analysis on the Fatigue Properties of Semi-Rigid Base Asphalt-Pavement Structures With Horizontal Interfacial Cracks

    System Identification of a Base-Isolated Bridge by Ambient and Forced Vibration Tests

    Rheological Properties of Piezoresistive Smart Cement Slurry Modified With Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles for Oil-Well Applications

    Performance of Micro- and Nano-Modified Asphalt Mixtures Through Flow Number and Moisture Susceptibility Evaluations

    Persistence of Strength/Toughness in Modified-Olefin-Fiber- and Hybrid-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

    A Novel Method for Measuring Porosity for Normal and High Strength Concrete

    Investigations on Pervious Concrete Properties Using Ultrasonic Wave Applications

    Estimating Porosity of In Situ Pervious Concrete Using Surface Infiltration Tests

    An Investigation into the Continuous High-Temperature Grade and Elastic Recovery of Asphalt Binders Measured Using the Creep-Recovery Test

    Experimental-Statistical Investigation of Testing Variables of a Semicircular Bending (SCB) Fracture Test Repeatability for Bituminous Mixtures

    Effects of Carbon Nanotube-Carbon Fiber Cementitious Conductive Anode for Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete

    Use of Geogrid Encasement to Increase the Ductility of Cement-Mixed Clay

    Investigation of Glass Transition Temperature of Asphalt Concrete

    Finite Modeling Updating Effects on the Dynamic Response of Building Models

    Effect of Pozzolanic Admixtures on Thermal Properties of Lightweight Cement-Based Foams

    Specifying Shrinkage Limited Cement (Type SL)