Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures

    Development of Virtual Visual Sensor Applications for Wood Structural Health Monitoring

    Structural Dynamics Modification of Vibration-Test Fixture

    Investigation into the Flow-Blocking Ability of a Novel Magneto-Rheological Damper Unit

    LOI-Based Pulsed Eddy Current Evaluation of Hidden Material Degradation in Coated Nonmagnetic Conductors

    Simple Method of Using Strain Gages to Estimate Stress Fields Near a Notch in Structures Subject to Large Deflections

    Measurement of Plastic Strain Ratio Using Digital Image Correlation

    Comparative Estimates of Uncertainty in Measurements of Fracture Toughness

    Novel Approach for Endurance Testing of Riblet-Structured Thin Sheets Under Realistic Loading Conditions in Active Drag-Reduction Systems

    Creep and Quasi-Relaxation Examination of Artificially Aged Plasticized PVC

    High Performance Ultrasonic Buffer Rods With Novel Structure for Polymer Process Monitoring

    On the Evaluation of the Effect of Microstructure on the SNR of Ultrasonic Images and on the Velocity of Lcr Waves

    Load-Separation Method, Spb, Used to Estimate Crack Extension for J-R Curves, Modified for Geometric Variations in Blunt-Notched Remaining Ligament

    Effect of Boundary Shape on Performance of the Ultrasonic Buffer Rod Without Clad

    The Experimental Characteristics and Evaluation of Nylon-12 in Erosion Process

    Profile Analysis for a Gear With Conical Teeth

    Standard Processes for Calculating Uncertainty for Metallic Material Rotating Bar Bending Fatigue Properties

    Analysis of Relationships Between Three-Dimensional Magnetic Memory Signals and Artificial Defects Under Tensile Load

    X-Ray Imaging Inspection System for Blind Holes in the Intermediate Layer of Printed Circuit Boards with Neural Network Identification

    Static Strength of V-Notches With End Holes Under Combined Tension-Shear Loading: Experimental Measurement by the Disk Test and Theoretical Prediction by the Local Energy

    Contribution of the Imaging System Components in the Overall Error of the Two-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation Technique

    AFM Evaluation of Pre-Straining Degree Effects on the Dimensions of Stress Induced Martensite Plates in Fe-Mn-Si Based SMAs

    Effective Thickness of Side-Grooved Clamped SE(T) Specimens for J-R Curve Testing

    Porosity Characterization in Interfacial Transition Zone Using Dual CT Scans

    Evaluation of Sub-Surface Residual Stress by Ultrasonic Method and Finite-Element Analysis of Welding Process in a Monel Pressure Vessel

    Spherical Indentation, Part II: Experimental Validation for Measuring Equibiaxial Residual Stresses