General Products, Chemical Specialties, and End Use Products

    The Influence of Headform Circumference and Mass on Alpine Ski Helmet Performance in Laboratory Tests

    Ringhals Unit 3 and 4—Fluence Determination in a Historic and Future Perspective

    Temperature and Load Interaction Effects on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate and Fracture Surface Morphology of IN100 Superalloy

    Bearing Thermal Conductance Measurement Test Method and Experimental Design

    Easiest Routes and Slow Zones: How Fast Do I Go?: Speeds and Distances of Recreational and Expert Snowsport Participants

    Stability of Metallic Glasses: Criteria and Prediction of Ductile-Brittle Transition and Crystallization

    Characterization of Adhesive Joints for Hybrid Steel-Glass Beams by Means of Simplified Small Scale Tests

    Boiling Heat Transfer of Butanol Aqueous Solution-Augmentation of Critical Heat Flux

    Accurate Determination of System Compliance and Young’s Modulus for Single Fibers

    Forced Convective Boiling of Ethylene Glycol/Water Mixtures Inside a Small Tube

    Helmet Use and Self-Reported Risk Taking in Skiing and Snowboarding

    Hydration Packs Modify Professional Skiers Hydration Levels in All Day Skiing: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Evaluating the Performance of Helmet Linings Incorporating Fluid Channels

    Polarizing Filters in Ski Sports

    Jumper Kinematics on Terrain Park Jumps: Relationship between Takeoff Speed and Distance Traveled

    Emergency Release for Winter Sports Equipment

    Reaction Forces and Moments in Carved Turns

    Reaction Times of Skiers and Snowboarders

    Temperature Effects on Triaxial Shear Strength of Granular Composite Sport Surfaces

    Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in the Czech Republic in Winter Seasons 2003–2008

    Relative Motion of ACL Insertion Points In Vivo: A Case Study, Including Skiing Maneuvers

    Analyzing the Riding Behavior of Recreational Skiers and Snowboarders

    Retention Requirements for Alpine Ski Bindings

    Skiing and Boarding Injuries on Norwegian Slopes during Two Winter Seasons

    Aging Trends in Alpine Skiing

    Variability in the Material Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites for Marine Structures

    Are ACL Injuries Related to Perceived Fatigue in Female Skiers?

    Recommendations for an ASTM Standardized Test for Determining GIIc of Unidirectional Laminated Polymeric Matrix Composites

    An Analysis of Head Impact Profiles and Safe Hockey Behaviors in Youth Hockey Players

    Experimental Evaluation of Ultraviolet and Visible Light Curing Acrylates for Use in Glass Structures

    Measuring Athlete Exposure and Body Contact Using Time-on-Task Technology in Ice Hockey

    Experimental Characterization of Ice Hockey Pucks and Sticks

    In situ Measures of Head Impact Acceleration in NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey: Implications for ASTM F1045 and Other Ice Hockey Helmet Standards

    Relationships among Risk Factors for Concussion in Minor Ice Hockey

    Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Hockey Equipment Tested according to EN TS15256: Protective Clothing—Hand, Arm, Leg, Genital, and Neck Protectors for Use in Ice Hockey—Protectors for Players Other than Goalkeepers—Requirements and Test Methods

    Hockey Education Program (HEP): A Statewide Measure of Fair Play, Skill Development, and Coaching Excellence

    Analysis of the Impact Performance of Ice Hockey Helmets Using Two Different Test Methodologies

    Impact Attenuation Characteristics of Thin Walled Collapsible Air Chambers for Use in Protective Helmets

    Concussion in Youth Hockey: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Management across Observation Strategies

    A Prospective Study of Injuries in NCAA Intercollegiate Ice-Hockey Goaltenders

    Ice Hockey Facility Safety: Litigated Case Studies Involving Ice Hockey Injuries

    When Metal Meets Ice: Potential for Performance or Injury

    Translational and Rotational Accelerations Generated During Reconstructed Ice Hockey Impacts on a Hybrid III Head Form

    Potential Risk Factors for Knee Injuries in Alpine Skiers

    Safer Ski Jump Landing Surface Design Limits Normal Impact Velocity

    A Comparison of Peak Linear and Angular Headform Accelerations Using Ice Hockey Helmets

    Development of a new methodology capable of characterizing the contribution of a controlled venting system to impact attenuation in chamber structures for head protection

    Does Laterality Exist in ACL Injury Prevalence in Alpine Skiers?

    Do Helmets Reduce Fatalities or Merely Alter the Patterns of Death?

    A Synthesis of the World Literature of Ice Hockey Injuries: Epidemiologic Principles and Future Directions

    Warnings and Instructions: One of Three Legs on Ice Hockey’s Safety Stool

    Update on Injury Trends in Alpine Skiing

    The Importance of an Objective Assessment to Identify Functional Constraints of Young Skier Athletes

    Safety in Big Jumps: Relationship Between Landing Shape and Impact Energy Determined by Computer Simulation

    Computer Simulation of Consecutive Ski Turns

    A Longitudinal Study of Ice Hockey Helmet Shelf Life

    Review of Research Literature on Snowboarding Injuries as Might Relate to an Adjustable/Releasable Snowboard Binding

    Heat Treatment and Interface Effects on the Mechanical Behavior of SiC-Particle Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites

    Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries in Greece: A Two-Year Case-Control Study

    Head Kinematics During Experimental Snowboard Falls: Implications for Snow Helmet Standards

    Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts the Winter Seasons of 2005 and 2006

    Tabletop Jumping: Engineering Analysis of Trajectory and Landing Impact

    Finite Element Modeling of the Effects of Delamination Damage on the Natural Frequencies of Composite Panels

    Correlative Study into Injury Epidemiology, Use of Protective Equipment and Risk Taking Among Adolescent Participants in Alpine Snow Sports

    A Novel Anti-Slip Pad for Improving Steering when Exiting a Ski Lift on a Snowboard

    Evaluation of Falls Occurring While Exiting from an Eight-Seat Chairlift

    Pediatric Head and Neck Injuries in Snow Sports: Evaluating the Influence of Helmets

    An Evaluation of Perceptual Experience of Skiers Using Quantitative Image Processing

    Effect of Age and Experience on Lower Leg Fractures in Alpine Sports

    Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Snowsport Safety in Australia

    Diffuse Versus Directional Brightness Measurement Comparison for Paper

    Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Cavitation Test

    Design and Dynamic Practice of a Novel Fluid Vibration Isolator for Packaging Protection of Electronic Equipment

    Coolant Development in Asia

    Effect of Penetrator Size on Dynamic Failure Response of Woven Graphite Epoxy Composites around the Critical Perforation Energy

    Accelerated Oxidation and Corrosion Testing of Engine Coolants Using a Rotary Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test

    Comparison of Bench Test Methods to Evaluate Heavy Duty Coolant Thermal Stability

    Utilization of Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence in Unsupervised Image Segmentation

    Strength of Quasi-Isotropic Co-Cured Composite Joints Under Quasi-static and Fatigue Loading

    Compatibility Testing of Multi-Vehicle Coolant Chemistries

    A Comparison of Membrane Technologies for Engine Coolant Recycling

    High-Altitude Testing and Evaluation of Liquid Pharmaceutical Glass and Plastic Bottles to Detect Leaks

    The Relevance of Drop Tester Accuracy

    Cavitation Protection Performance of Nitrite-Free Organic Acid Based Coolant for Heavy-Duty Engines

    Field Test for Carboxylate Inhibitor Levels in OAT Coolants

    Component Durability and High Mileage Performance of a Full Carboxylate Coolant in Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) Engines

    Improved Suction Technique for the Characterization of Construction Materials

    Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Coolant Technology: Past, Present, and Future

    Development of a Practical Method to Evaluate the Fatigue Properties of Structural Silicone Glazing Adhesives

    Investigation of Interaction Between Coolant Formulations and Flux Loading/Compositions in Controlled Atmosphere Brazed (CAB) Aluminum Surfaces in Heat Exchanger Applications

    New Electrochemical Methods for the Evaluation of Localized Corrosion in Engine Coolants

    The Effect of Latent Hardening on the Texture of 3004 Aluminum Deformed in Plane Strain, Predicted by an Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Analysis

    Coolants at Elevated Temperatures

    Effect of Fluoride on Corrosion of Cooling System Metals in Ethylene Glycol-Based Antifreeze/Coolants

    New Synthesis Method and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Matrix Composites

    Geometry and Data Reduction Recommendations for a Standardized End Notched Flexure Test for Unidirectional Composites

    Injuries in Norwegian Ski Resorts 2002 – 2004

    Small-Building Defense Against Terrorism 016

    Experimental Measurement of Selected Snowboard Mechanical Properties

    Functional and Release Characteristics of Alpine Ski Equipment

    Lisfranc Ligament Injuries in Windsurfers

    Prediction of Effective Stiffness of a Cross-Ply Laminate with Transverse Matrix Cracks

    On Piste Fatalities in Recreational Snow Sports in the U.S

    Sports Activity after Total Knee Arthroplasty

    Observational Study on Fall Trends in Snowboarders

    Impact Fracture Behavior of Hollow Glass Bead-Filled ABS Composites

    International Standards for Blast Resistant Glazing

    Head Injury in Snowboarding: Evaluating the Protective Role of Helmets

    Externally Insulated (“EIFS”) Building Walls: Security Characteristics and Methods of Enhancing Security Performance

    Damping Behavior of AI6061/Albite MMCs

    Arthroscopic Treatment of the First Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in Young Skiers

    Reduce the Injuries, Change the Culture: Insights from Telemarking

    SED Method of Measuring Yield Strength of Adhesives and Other Materials

    An Attempt to Predict a Risk of Some of the Knee Region Ski Injuries by Means of Computer Simulations

    Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Alpine Ski Equipment Rental Operations

    A New Low Cost Method For Measuring the Viscoelastic Behavior of Adhesives

    Advanced Methods of Coating Adhesion Testing

    Method for Quantifying Percentage Wood Failure in Block-Shear Specimens by a Laser Scanning Profilometer

    New Technique for Measuring Extended Viscosity Ranges - Gel Times, Pot Life, or Cure Monitoring - with Programmable Rotational Viscometers or Rheometers

    How Fast Do Winter Sports Participants Travel on Alpine Slopes?

    Using Signal Detection Theory as a Model to Evaluate Release/Retention Criteria in Alpine Skiing

    Protective Window Safety Films: A Case Study in ASTM All-Hazard Building Code Standards

    Adhesive Bonding and Performance Testing of Bonded Wood Products

    Characterizing Dynamic Fracture Behavior of Adhesive Joints under Quasi-Static and Impact Loading

    The Study of Bond Strength and Bond Durability of Reactive Powder Concrete

    Interfacial Diffusion of Fluids in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

    Injury Rates and Injury Types in Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, and Snowboarding

    Fracture Mechanics Applied to Adhesive Joints

    Evaluation of Different Techniques for Adhesive Properties of Asphalt-Filler Systems at Interfacial Region

    Data Security Issues Relating to End of Life Equipment

    Winter Sports in an Indoor Facility—Accident and Injury Trends

    Differentiation of Damage and Failure Mechanisms of Co-Cured Fiber-Reinforced Composite Joints Using Acoustic Emission

    Contrast Enhancing Filters in Ski Sports

    Skiboard Injuries—A Three-Year Comparison with Alpine Skiing

    Intimidation in Ice Hockey: An Exploratory Assessment

    The Power of the Denominator: A Proposal for More Comprehensive Modeling of Risk Factors in Ice Hockey Injuries

    Measuring the Effects of Initiating Body Checking at the Atom Age Level

    Psychophysiologic Factors and Performance in Ice Hockey Goalies During Competition