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    Photon Spectrum behind Biological Shielding of the LVR-15 Research Reactor

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    Standard Testing Methods for Mobile Bearing Knees

    Rationale of a Test Setup with a Defined COR for Extra-Discal Motion-Preserving Implants with a Low Implant Stiffness

    ASTM F2624—Evaluating Alternate Fixtures for Flexion/Extention, Lateral Bending, and Axial Rotation Testing of Extra Discal Motion Preserving Implants

    A Method to Test Anterior-Posterior Construct Shear Fatigue Based on the Vertebrectomy Model

    Symposium on Static and Dynamic Spinal Implants: Are We Evaluating Them Appropriately? Effect of Tightening Torque on ASTM F1798 Axial Gripping Capacity

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    Wear Simulation of Total Disc Arthroplasties: Sensitivity to Device Design and Test Parameters

    Kinematic Stability Evaluation of Spinal Fusion Devices by Synthetic FSU Model

    Vertebrectomy Model for the Mechanical Assessment of Fusionless Scoliosis Growth Rods

    31 Year Evolution of the Rotating-Platform Total Knee Replacment: Coping With “Spinout” and Wear

    Early Instability with Mobile Bearing Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Series of Twenty-Five Cases

    Mobility and Contact Mechanics of a Rotating Platform Total Knee Replacement

    FEM Analysis of a DCP Implant on a Human Femoral Bone With a Fracture Gap

    In-Vitro Wear and Radiographic Analyses of High Flexion Posterior Stabilized Mobile- and Fixed-Bearing Knee Implants

    Comparison of Daily Motion of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine to ASTM F2423-11 and ISO 18192-1.2011 Standard Testing

    Comparison of Two Bone Surrogates for Interbody Device Subsidence Testing

    Utilizing Validated Computational Models to Predict Tibial Insert Abrasion in Mobile Bearing Knees: A Design Performance Standard

    The Incidence of Anterior Knee Pain and Crepitation After Total Knee Replacement: A Matched Pair Analysis between Rotating Platform and Fixed Bearing Posterior Stabilized Designs

    Primary Stability of a Dynamic Artificial Disc Tested in a Human Cadaveric Model

    Development of a More Physiological Loading Protocol for Spine In Vitro Flexibility Testing

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    Fixture Variations When Evaluating ASTM F1717 Construct Stiffness: Pin Diameter and Material