Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures

    Fatigue Sensitivity to Small Defects of a Gamma–Titanium–Aluminide Alloy

    Statistical Comparison of Analysis Results for Lead on Dust Wipe Samples by X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

    Estimation of Corrosion Fatigue-Crack Growth through Frequency Shedding Method

    Study of an On-Line Crack Compliance Technique for Residual Stress Measurement Using 2D Finite Element Simulations of Fatigue Crack Growth

    Methods to Increase the Fatigue Life of Friction Stir Lap Welds in No-load Transfer Coupons Using a Retractable Pin Tool

    A Model to Estimate Separator Forces during Ball Speed Variations

    Testing Damping Performance and Bending Stiffness of Snowboarding Wrist Protectors

    Dosimetry Assessments for the Reactor Pressure Vessel and Core Barrel in UK Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Plant

    Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behavior of A36 Steel using ASTM Load-Reduction and Compression Precracking Test Methods

    A Numerical Strip-Yield Model for the Creep Crack Incubation in Steels

    Investigation of Load Control Errors for Spectrum Fatigue Testing at High Frequencies

    Evaluation of Fracture Toughness Test Data for Multilayer Dissimilar Joint Welds Using a Weibull Stress Model

    Influence Analysis of Application-Specific Phenomena on the Creep-Fatigue Life of Turbine Housings of Turbochargers

    Crack Closure Behavior on a Variety of Materials under High Stress Ratios and Kmax Test Conditions

    Point Load Weight Functions for Semi-Elliptical Cracks in Finite Thickness Plate

    Layer Growth Kinetics during Post-Discharge Nitriding

    Morphology of γ′ Precipitates in a First Stage Low Pressure Turbine Blade of a Ni-Based Superalloy after Service and after Following Aging

    Fatigue Crack Closure in Residual Stress Bearing Materials

    Modeling of Surface Crack Advance in Round Wires Subjected to Cyclic Loading

    Fatigue Crack Closure at Near-Threshold Growth Rates in Steels, Effects of Microstructure, Load Sequence and Environment

    Characterizations of Creep-fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth Life for P92 using Circular Notched Round Bar Specimen

    Unraveling the Science of Variable Amplitude Fatigue

    Magnetic Particles Effects on Shear Performance in MR Fluid

    Dimensional Analysis and Fractal Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth

    The Use of the Normalization Data Reduction Technique for Measuring Upper Shelf Toughness Under Impact Loading Rates