Iron and Steel Products

    Optimum CNT Concentration and Bath Temperature for Maximum Heat Transfer Rate during Quenching in CNT Nanofluids

    Naphthalene Sorption to Organic Additives in Cement-Treated Soils

    Development of a Non-Destructive Evaluation Practice of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints Using a Rolling Device—An Introduction to ASTM C 1736

    New Work on Updating and Extending the Nuclear Data Standards

    Outline of Testing and Evaluation Program Used in Selection of Adhesives for Transparent Adhesive Joints in All-Glass Load-Bearing Structures

    Development of INSPCT-S for Inspection of Spent Fuel Pool

    Reactor Pulse-Repeatability Studies at the Annular Core Research Reactor

    Effect of Accuracy of Temperature Measurements on Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficient during Quenching in Liquid Media

    Intensive Quenching of Steel Parts and Tools in Water Salt Solutions of Optimal Concentration

    Roller Profile Development for an Axially Loaded, Single Row Spherical Roller Bearing in an Oscillating Application

    Clinical Results of a Total Knee Prosthesis with Floating Platform at 5.5 Years

    Mechanical and Microstrutural Characterization of Weldments of Ferritic Stainless Steel AISI 444 Using Austenitic Stainless Steels Filler Metals

    Comparison of the Laser and Electron Beam Welding of Steel Sheets Treated by Nitro-Oxidation

    Mechanical Properties of ASTM A283 Carbon Steel Subjected to the Sulphidation Process

    Experimental Investigation of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of New Steels for Large Blooms

    Modeling and Simulation of Film and Transitional Boiling Processes on a Metallic Cylinder During Quenching

    Effects of Austenitizing Temperatures on Primary Structure Transformation in Cast High-Speed Steel of M2 Type Inoculated with Powder Additions of W and TiB2

    Impact Properties of Vacuum Heat Treated AISI D2 and 8 % Cr Cold Work Tool Steels

    New Cast Iron Alloys with High Wear Resistance at Elevated Temperatures

    Microstructure and Hardness Prediction at the Core of Steel Parts of Any Configuration during Quenching

    CFD-Simulation of Film Boiling at Steel Cooling Process

    Modeling of Hardness of Low Alloy Steels by Means of Neural Networks

    Duration of the Transient Nucleate Boiling Process and Its Use for the Development of New Technologies

    Bainite Formation at Low Temperatures in High C-Si Steel and its Mechanical Behavior

    Dependence of the Heat Transfer Coefficient at Quenching on Diameter of Cylindrical Workpieces