Hydration of Cement Pastes Containing Accelerator at Various Temperatures: Application to High Early Strength Pavement Patching

    Using Modified ASTM C403 Test Procedure to Evaluate Set Time and Admixture Compatibility of Shotcrete Mortar

    Stiffening Behaviors of Cement Pastes Measured by a Vibrational Viscometer

    Applicability of Ultrasonic Measurement on the Monitoring of the Setting of Cement Pastes: Effect of Water Content and Mineral Additions

    Frequency- and Time-Domain Dependency of Electrical Properties of Cement-Based Materials during Early Hydration

    Decoupling Thermal and Autogenous Strain of Concretes with Different Water/Cement Ratios During the Hardening Process

    Evaluation of Modifications to the ASTM C672 Deicer Salt Scaling Test for Concrete Containing Slag Cement

    Effect of Surface Preparation on the Deicing Salt-Scaling Resistance of Concrete With and Without SCM: Laboratory and Field Performance in the Presence of Sodium Chloride Deicing Salt

    A Critical Review of Methods for Measuring Mechanical Resistance to Aggregate Popouts

    Using Fractal Geometry to Recover the 3D Air Void, Scale-Independent, Microstructure Information From 2D Sections of Mortars

    Investigation of the Effectiveness of Surfactants with Different Partition Coefficients to Entrain Air in Cement Paste

    Using Low-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Quantify Calcium Oxychloride Formation for Cementitious Materials in the Presence of Calcium Chloride

    Super Air Meter for Assessing Air-Void System of Fresh Concrete

    Criteria for Freeze-Thaw Resistant Concrete Mixtures

    Design of UHPC Structural Members: Lessons Learned and ASTM Test Requirements

    The Challenges Related to Interface Bond Characterization of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete With Implications for Bridge Rehabilitation Practices

    Gaps in Material Specifications—A Manufacturer's Perspective

    UHPC From Research to Standardization: European Approaches

    Ultra-High Performance Concrete History and Usage by the Corps of Engineers

    Materials Specification Needs for Future Development of Ultra High Performance Concrete

    Tensile Mechanical Response of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

    Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete Advancements and Industrialization—The Need for Standard Testing

    Compression Testing of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

    Effects of Nanomaterials on the Hydration Kinetics and Rheology of Portland Cement Pastes

    Mechanisms of Degradation in Rheological Properties Due to Pumping and Mixing