Electronics; Declarable Substances in Materials

    Symposia Papers & STPs

    STP1530 Lead-free Solders

    STP1382 Gate Dielectric Integrity: Material, Process, and Tool Qualification

    STP1340 Recombination Lifetime Measurements in Silicon

    STP1141 Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1990

    STP990 Semiconductor Fabrication: Technology and Metrology

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    Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

    Wetting Behaviour and Evolution of Microstructure of Sn–Ag–Zn Solders on Copper Substrates with Different Surface Textures

    Empirical Modeling of the Time-Dependent Structural Build-up of Lead-Free Solder Pastes Used in the Electronics Assembly Applications

    Solder Joint Reliability of SnBi Finished TSOPs with Alloy 42 Lead-Frame under Temperature Cycling

    The Microstructural Aspect of the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition of Tin-Based Lead-Free Solders

    Wetting Behavior of Solders

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    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    Digital Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy System for Image Processing Functions

    A Certain Investigation on Harmonic Reduction and Design of Fuzzy Gain Scheduler for Shunt Compensation for Power Quality Enhancement

    Evaluation of the Morphological, Electrical, and Mechanical Properties of Silver Nanopastes

    Concentration Effect on Photoluminescence Tests of the CdSe Colloid Nanocrystal System

    Stress State of GaN Epilayer Grown on Sapphire and 6H-SiC Substrates

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