Plastic Pipe and Building Products

    Symposia Papers & STPs

    STP1540 Testing and Specification of Recycled Materials for Sustainable Geotechnical Construction

    STP1369 Limitations of Test Methods for Plastics

    STP1093 Buried Plastic Pipe Technology

    STP936 Instrumented Impact Testing of Plastics and Composite Materials

    STP736 Physical Testing of Plastics—Correlation with End-Use Performance

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    Manuals, Monographs & Data Series

    MNL73 Exploration and Production of Petroleum and Natural Gas

    MNL35 The Basics of Testing Plastics: Mechanical Properties, Flame Exposure, and General Guidelines

    Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

    Influencing Factors of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Air and Gas Quenching

    New Ceramifying Polymer Materials for Passive Fire Protection Applications

    Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Squirrel-Cage Asynchronous Machine with Non-Linear Effects

    Determining Nitriding Parameters with Neural Networks

    Variations in the Mechanical Strength of a Composite Material of Thermoplastic Matrix Reinforced with Woven Glass-Fabric After Being Submitted to Diverse Damage Sequences: A Statistical Analysis

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    Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ)

    Effect of Atrazine Contamination on Compressibility and Permeability Characteristics of Clay

    Manufacture of Bonded Granular Soil Using X-Ray CT Scanning and 3D Printing

    Determining Surface Roughness in Erosion Testing Using Digital Photogrammetry

    Effects of Strain Rates on the Undrained Shear Strength of Kaolin

    Mechanical Consequences of Suffusion on Undrained Behaviour of a Gap-Graded Cohesionless Soil - An Experimental Approach

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    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    On the Mechanical Behavior of Granite Material With Particular Emphasis on the Influence From Pre-Existing Cracks and Defects

    Evaluation Models for the Peak Shear-Strength and Shear-Resistance Components of Rough Rock Joints

    Objective Fuzziness Assessment of Multi-Colored Fabrics Using 3D Images

    Use of Geogrid Encasement to Increase the Ductility of Cement-Mixed Clay

    Accuracy of Interpretation Methods for Deriving p–y Curves From Model Pile Tests in Layered Soils

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