Nondestructive Testing

    Symposia Papers & STPs

    STP1353 Acoustic Emission: Standards and Technology Update

    STP1151 Nondestructive Testing Standards: Present and Future

    STP1077 Acoustic Emission: Current Practice and Future Directions

    STP908 Corrosion Monitoring in Industrial Plants Using Nondestructive Testing and Electrochemical Methods

    STP550 Nondestructive Rapid Identification of Metals and Alloys by Spot Test

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    Manuals, Monographs & Data Series

    DS68 Handbook of Reference Data for NonDestructive Testing

    Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

    Improved Frequency Equations for Calculating the Young’s Modulus of Bars of Rectangular or Circular Cross Section from Their Flexural Resonant Frequencies

    Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Cement Paste Using Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

    Correlation between Thermal and Mechanical Properties of the 10NiCr11

    Effects of Temperatures on Mortar Quantified by Surface Color Changes

    Prediction of Texture in Cold Flat Rolling of Aluminum Using an Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Model

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    Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ)

    Fracture Behavior of Intact Rock Using Acoustic Emission: Experimental Observation and Realistic Modeling

    A Comparison of Density-Based and Modulus-Based In Situ Test Measurements for Compaction Control

    Electrical Resistivity Tomography in Cylindrical Cells—Guidelines for Hardware Pre-Design

    Design of a Robot and Test Procedure for the Dynamic Testing of Anchorages in a Geotechnical Centrifuge

    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    Development of Virtual Visual Sensor Applications for Wood Structural Health Monitoring

    Structural Dynamics Modification of Vibration-Test Fixture

    LOI-Based Pulsed Eddy Current Evaluation of Hidden Material Degradation in Coated Nonmagnetic Conductors

    Simple Method of Using Strain Gages to Estimate Stress Fields Near a Notch in Structures Subject to Large Deflections

    High Performance Ultrasonic Buffer Rods With Novel Structure for Polymer Process Monitoring

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