Metals -- Mechanical Testing; Elevated and Low-Temperature Tests; Metallography

    Symposia Papers & STPs

    STP1311 Computerization and Networking of Materials Databases: Fifth Volume

    STP1165 Metallography: Past, Present, and Future (75th Anniversary Volume)

    STP1094 MiCon 90: Advances in Video Technology for Microstructural Control

    STP979 MiCon 86: Optimization of Processing, Properties, and Service Performance Through Microstructural Control

    STP889 Microindentation Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering

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    Manuals, Monographs & Data Series

    MNL46 Metallographic and Materialographic Specimen Preparation, Light Microscopy, Image Analysis and Hardness Testing

    Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

    Bias in the Planimetric Procedure According to ASTM E112 and Corrected Method

    Effects of Particle Size and Shear Rate on Melt Flow Properties During Capillary Extrusion of Glass Bead-Filled LDPE Composites

    Fiber-Matrix Adhesion Measured By the Micro-Indentation Test: Data Reduction Based On Real Time Simulation

    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    Comparative Estimates of Uncertainty in Measurements of Fracture Toughness

    Novel Approach for Endurance Testing of Riblet-Structured Thin Sheets Under Realistic Loading Conditions in Active Drag-Reduction Systems

    Creep and Quasi-Relaxation Examination of Artificially Aged Plasticized PVC

    Load-Separation Method, Spb, Used to Estimate Crack Extension for J-R Curves, Modified for Geometric Variations in Blunt-Notched Remaining Ligament

    Profile Analysis for a Gear With Conical Teeth

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