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    Advanced Triaxial Testing of Soil and Rock

    Donaghe RT, Chaney RC, Silver ML
    Published: 1988

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    First publication of its kind in 25 years, this 900-page volume serves as an engineer’s guide for triaxial testing. Subjects include: equipment, test methods, and test interpretation and errors, and new test varieties.

    Table of Contents



    State-of-the-Art Paper: Some Recent Developments in Triaxial Testing Systems for Cohesionless Soils

    Flow Pump Applications in Triaxial Testing

    A Computer Controlled Hydraulic Triaxial Testing System

    An Automated Triaxial Testing System

    Microcomputer-Based Data Acquisition Systems for Triaxial Testing of Soft Yielding Rocks

    A Stress- and Strain-Controlled Monotonic and Cyclic Loading System

    A 300-mm-Diameter Triaxial Cell with a Double Measuring Device

    Simultaneous Hydraulic/Physical Parameter Measurement on Rock Specimens Subjected to Triaxial Conditions

    Triaxial Testing of Intact Salt Rocks: Pressure Control, Pressure Systems, Cell and Frame Design

    Relationship Between Tensile and Compressive Strengths of Compacted Soils

    Influence of Filter Paper and Leakage on Triaxial Testing

    Measurement of Deformations in the Standard Triaxial Environment with a Comparison of Local Versus Global Measurements on a Fine, Fully Drained Sand

    State-of-the-Art Paper: A Reevaluation of Conventional Triaxial Test Methods

    State-of-the-Art Paper: Triaxial Testing Methods for Soils

    Triaxial Testing of Granular Soil Under Elevated Cell Pressure

    Consolidated Drained Triaxial Testing of Piedmont Residual Soil

    Triaxial Relaxation Tests on a Soft Clay

    Triaxial Testing of Marine Sediments with High Gas Contents

    Results and Interpretation of Multistage Triaxial Compression Tests

    Application of Multistage Triaxial Test to Kuwaiti Soils

    Triaxial Testing of Weak Rocks Including the Use of Triaxial Extension Tests

    Triaxial Permeability and Strength Testing of Contaminated Soils

    Preparation of Reconstituted Sand Specimens

    State-of-the-Art Paper: Triaxial Testing of Saturated Cohesive Soils

    Determination of Undrained Shear Strength of Low Plasticity Clays

    Cyclic Triaxial Strain-Controlled Testing of Liquefiable Sands

    Triaxial Test for Embankment Dams: Interpretation and Validity

    Compression and Shear Deformation of Soil Under Wide-Ranging Confining Pressure

    Interpretation of Triaxial Compression Test Results on Partially Saturated Soils

    New Concept of Effective Stress in Unsaturated Soil and Its Proving Test

    Probabilistic Characterization of Shear Strength Parameters Using Triaxial Test Data

    Interpretation of Triaxial Test Results of Cohesionless Soils: A New Model

    Pore-Pressure Distributions in Constant Strain-Rate Triaxial Tests

    Pore Pressure Response of an Undisturbed and Reconstituted Anglian Till in Undrained Triaxial Compression

    Shear Band Formation in Triaxial and Plane Strain Tests

    Effects of Sampling Disturbance on Shear Strength of Glacial Till and Compacted Fill

    Influence of Specimen Preparation Techniques and Testing Procedures on Undrained Steady State Shear Strength

    Triaxial Compressive and Extension Strength of Sand Affected by Strength Anisotropy and Sample Slenderness

    The Influence of Filter Strip Shape on Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Extension Test Results

    The Effect of End Restraint on Volume Change and Particle Breakage of Sands in Triaxial Tests

    Effects of End Conditions on Triaxial Compressive Strength for Cohesionless Soil

    Effects of Height-to-Diameter Ratio in Triaxial Specimens on the Behavior of Cross-Anisotropic Sand

    Observational Approach to Membrane and Area Corrections in Triaxial Tests

    Stress Path Considerations in Multistage Triaxial Testing

    State-of-the-Art Paper: Cubical Devices: Versatility and Constraints

    State-of-the-Art Paper: Hollow Cylinder Torsional Devices: Their Advantages and Limitations

    The Cambridge True Triaxial Apparatus

    A True Triaxial Cell for Soil and Rock

    A True Triaxial Testing Cell

    True Triaxial Test of Rock Under Stress and Strain Rate Control

    A New Independent Principal Stress Control Apparatus

    Special Stress Paths Along the Limit Surface of a Sand Specimen with the Use of a True Triaxial Apparatus

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP977-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5048-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0983-4