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    Hazardous and Industrial Solid Waste Testing and Disposal: Sixth Volume

    Lorenzen D, Conway RA, Jackson LP, Hamza A, Perket CL
    Published: 1986

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    Divided into 7 sections: Contaminate and Leaching Assessments; Ground Water and Contaminant Migration Assessment; Incineration of Hazardous Waste; Liner Assessments; Site Monitoring and Assessment; Waste Treatment Alternatives; and ASTM Test Method Development.

    Table of Contents



    Leaching Test Characterization of Iron and Steel Industry Waste

    Comparison of Leachate Quality in Foundry Waste Landfills to Leach Test Abstracts

    Testing Methodologies for Landfill Codisposal of Municipal and Industrial Wastes

    An Approach for Evaluating Long-Term Leachability from Measurement of Intrinsic Waste Properties

    Use of an Upflow Column Leaching Test to Study the Release Patterns of Heavy Metals from Stabilized/Solidified Heavy Metal Sludges

    Leachate Migration Through Clay Below a Domestic Waste Landfill, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada: Chemical Interpretation and Modelling Philosophies

    Low-Cost Data Management for Protection of Ground-Water Resources: The Importance of Quality Assurance

    Pentachlorophenol Adsorption on Soils and Its Potential for Migration into Ground Water

    Sorption Kinetics of Competing Organic Substances on New Jersey Coastal Plain Aquifer Solids

    Principles of Bioreclamation of Contaminated Ground Water and Leachates

    Performance Assessment of Incinerators and High-Temperature Industrial Processes for Disposing of Hazardous Waste in the United States

    Use of Flexible Membrane Liners for Industrial and Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Migration of Leachate Solution Through Clay Liner and Substrate

    Effect of Pore Fluid pH on the Dynamic Shear Modulus of Clay

    Remote Sensing Methods for Waste Site Subsurface Investigations and Monitoring

    The Complex Matrix in Environmental Chemistry for the Petrochemical Industry

    Determination of Some Macronutrients and Micronutrients and Some Toxic Elements in Sewage Sludges from Domestic and Industrial Influents Prior to Land Disposal: I. Development of Methods

    Waste Immobilization in Cement-Based Grouts

    Procedures for Characterizing Effects of Organics on Solidification/Stabilization of Hazardous Wastes

    Process Technology for the Biological Treatment of Toxic Organic Wastes

    Developing Guides for Sampling and Analysis of Ground Water

    Soil Moisture Monitoring and Sampling Probe for Underground Storage Tanks and Surface Impoundments

    Practices for Sampling Solid Wastes from Point Discharges and Impoundments

    ASTM Standard Leach Test D 3986: A History

    The Results of an Interlaboratory Study of a Column Method for Leaching Solid Wastes

    Batch Type 24-h Distribution Ratio for Contaminant Adsorption by Soil Materials

    Evaluation of Paint Filter Test Method to Determine Free Liquid in Waste Samples

    Laboratory and Waste Management for Safety and Regulatory Compliance

    A New Look at Storage of Hazardous Materials and Wastes

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    Committee: D34

    DOI: 10.1520/STP933-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4994-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0931-5