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    Durability of Building Materials and Components

    Sereda PJ, Litvan GG
    Published: 1980

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    This is the first major international review of durability research for a comprehensive range of building materials and components. A forum for durability research review organized to facilitate the identification and recognition of common aspects of durability research worldwide.

    Table of Contents



    Background and Principles of Long-Term Performance of Building Materials

    The Meaning of Durability and Durability Prediction

    Design Determines Durability

    Durability of Materials and Construction

    Influence of Durability on Material Consumption and Strategy of Building Industry

    The Owner/Tenants Interest in Unifying Durability Data

    Belgian Requirements About Buildings Service Life

    Methodologies for Assessing Durability of New Materials and Components in Building

    The Performance with Time of Components

    Appraisal of Durability of Organic Materials and Components—The Australian View

    Examination of Durability Test Methods for Building Materials Based on Performance Evaluation

    Durability of Some Common Building Materials

    Weather and the Deterioration of Building Materials

    Theoretical Air Pollution and Climate Effects on Materials Confirmed by Zinc Corrosion Data

    Durability of Composite Materials as Influenced by Different Coefficients of Thermal Expansion of Components

    Concrete Overlays for the Protection of Reinforced Concrete Against Corrosion

    Durability of Post-Tensioned Concrete Beams Exposed to Severe Natural Weathering

    Evaluation of Terra Cotta on In-Service Structures

    High-Humidity Buildings in Cold Climates—A Case History

    NBS Solar Collector Durability/Reliability Program

    Microstructure of Concrete in Aggressive Environments

    Durability of Cement Mortars and Concretes

    Durability Studies at the Portland Cement Association

    Possibilities for More Precise Evaluation of the Resistance of Concrete to an Aggressive Medium

    New Accelerated Methods for Predicting Durability of Cementitious Materials

    Effect of Mineral Fillers on Sulfate Resistance of Portland Cement Mortars

    Performance Tests for Sulfate Resistance and Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Hydraulic Cements

    Durability of Bauxite-Waste Pozzolana Cement Concrete

    Depth of the Corroded Zone in Concrete Exposed to Carbonic Acid

    Influence of Blast-Furnace Slag on the Durability of Cement Mortar by Carbonic Acid Attack—Problems Connected with Tests on Corroded Specimens

    Estimation of Ground Water Corrosion of Concrete Sewer Pipes in the Hutt Valley, New Zealand

    Deterioration of Concrete in Fertilizer Factories

    Concrete Corrosion in a Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant

    Effect of Air on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Concrete

    Ice Formation in Hardened Cement Paste—1. Mature Water-Saturated Pastes

    Ice Formation in Hardened Cement Paste—II. Steam-Cured Pastes with Variable Moisture Contents

    Freeze-Thaw Durability of Porous Building Materials

    Improving the Durability of Concrete to Freezing and Deicing Salts

    Combined Influence of Freezing and Deicing Salt on Concrete—Physical Aspects

    The Effects of a Deicing Agent on the Absorption and Permeability of Various Concretes

    Durability of Carbonate Rocks as Function of Their Thermal Expansion, Water Sorption, and Mineralogy

    Freeze-Thaw Durability of Nonair-Entrained High Strength Concretes Containing Superplasticizers

    Application of One-Cycle Freeze Tests for the Evaluation of Frost Resistance of Concrete

    Frost Action in Mortar of Blended Cement with Silica Dust

    Durability Studies of Sulfur Concrete

    Cooperative Test Program for Precast Concrete Paving Elements

    Influence of Changes in Temperature on Properties of Cellular Concretes

    An Approach to Link Shrinkage and Creep of Hardened Cement Paste by a New Evaluation Method

    Damage to Plain Concrete Under Cyclic Compressive Loading

    Effect of Microstructure and Composition of Limestone, Marble, Basalt, and Quartzite Aggregate on Concrete Durability in Presence of Solutions of Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Sulfate

    Influence of Basalt Aggregate on Concrete Durability

    Effect of Deicing Salts on Deterioration and Dimensional Changes of Carbonate Rocks

    Durability and Aging of Sealants

    New Testing Methods for Sealants

    Comparison of National Specifications for Silicon Sealants

    Fatigue and Movement Capabilities of Field-Molded Sealants

    Performance Characterization of Exterior Metal Paints

    Alteration in Properties of Organic Coatings for Buildings Due to the Leaching Process

    Emulsion-Based Paint Systems for Wood

    Selection of Paints and Coatings Used in Civil Engineering and for Road Safety

    Durability of Colorants for Plastic Building Products

    Durability of Bituminous Built-Up Roofing Membranes

    Limitations of Present Test Methods for Roofing Materials

    Durability of Stabilized Roofing Asphalt—An Investigation of Weather-Ometer Versus Outdoor Exposure

    Quantitative Freezing and Thawing Parameters for Composite Roof Decks

    A Theory for Blistering and Alligatoring in Asphalt Bitumen Built-Up Roofs

    Developments in Test Methods for Rubberized Asphalts

    Some Aspects of the Durability of Plastics in Building

    Deterioration Mechanisms in Weathering of Plastic Materials

    Durability Studies on Polymer Materials Used Externally in Building

    Effects of Titanium Dioxide on the Weatherability of Thermoplastic Polymers

    Development of Testing Techniques for Aging of Plastics in Buildings Due to Natural and Artificial Weathering

    Accelerated Weathering Test for Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Sheets

    An Assessment of the Degradation Effects of South African Weather Conditions on Organic Building Materials

    Exponential Aging of Certain Plastics

    Precision of Rate-Process Method for Predicting Durability of Adhesive Bonds

    Effect of Accelerated Aging on Tensile Perpendicular-to-Glueline Strength of Glued-Laminated Beams

    Durability of Structural Particleboard Evaluated by Repetitive Loading Tests

    Prelaid Particleboard Flooring in New Zealand

    Effects of a Cold-Dip Treatment on Natural Durability of Wood-Base Building Materials Against Decay and Dimensional Change

    The Resistance of 85 Ghanaian Hardwood Timbers to Damage by Subterranean Termites

    Corrosion of Metal in Wood Products

    Corrosion of Metals—State of Organization in the Field


    Committee: E06G03

    DOI: 10.1520/STP691-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4768-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0325-2