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    Reactor Dosimetry: 16th International Symposium

    Sparks Mary, DePriest K., Vehar David
    Published: 2018

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    Get the latest information on databases, benchmark studies, techniques, and standardization of radiation metrology and regulatory information related to reactor dosimetry.

    Learn more about modern technologies used in radiation imaging and the development of radiation instrumentation. Plus you’ll get over 50 peer-reviewed papers covering related new work in:

    – Research/test reactor and accelerator dosimetry
    – Cross sections, nuclear data, and uncertainties
    – Reactor surveillance and plant life extension
    – Adjustments, intercomparisons, and benchmarks
    – Experimental techniques
    – Transport calculations

    Researchers, educators, manufacturers, regulators, and industry and utilities workers will benefit from this important research presented at the Sixteenth International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry (ISRD) held in May 2017.

    Table of Contents

    Design of Separated Element Reflector Experiments in CROCUS: PETALE
    Vincent Lamirand, Gregory Perret, Stefan Radman, Daniel Siefman, Pavel Frajtag, Mathieu Hursin, Adrien Gruel, Pierre Leconte, Patrick Blaise, Andreas Pautz

    Shielding and Activation Studies for the MYRRHA Research Reactor
    Stefan Müller, Anna Ferrari, Jörg Konheiser

    Neutron and Gamma-Ray Radiation Environments for the Annular Core Research Reactor
    Edward Parma

    Testing of the Retrospective Dosimetry Procedure Based on Niobium Extraction from VVER-1000 Cladding Material Samples after Their Irradiation in Research Reactor
    Viacheslav Kochkin, Natalia Dmitrieva, Alexandr Reshetnikov, Dmitry Erak, Yuriy Pesnya, Vladimir Nasonov

    Experiment-Based and Numerical Estimation Analysis of Neutron Field Performance in the In-Core Irradiation Positions and in the Lateral Blanket of the BOR-60 Reactor
    Elena Lebedeva, Yury Naboishchikov, Anatoly Tellin, Dimitry Ryazanov

    Fast Two-Parametric Spectrometric System for Experimental MSR/FHR Reactor Dosimetry
    Zdeněk Matěj, Michal Košt´ál, Filip Mravec, Martin Pavelek, Ondřej Herman, Martin Veškrna, Václav Přenosil, František Cvachovec, Evžen Losa

    1-MeV Equivalent Silicon Damage Studies at the White Sands Missile Range Fast Burst Reactor
    Thomas Flanders, Mary Sparks

    Establishment of CORONA Academy as Common Source of Knowledge in the Area of VVER Technology
    Mladen Mitev, Mariya Manolova, Lyubomir Pironkov

    Results of a New Evaluation of the Neutron Standards
    Allan Carlson, Vladimir Pronyaev, Roberto Capote, Gerald Hale, Ignacio Duran, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Satoshi Kunieda, Wolf Mannhart, Benjaminas Marcinkevicius, Ronald Nelson, Gilles Noguere, Peter Schillebeeckx, Stanislav Simakov, Xi Tao, Andrej Trkov, Anton Wallner, Wenming Wang

    Assessment of Novel Techniques for Nuclear Data Evaluation
    Petter Helgesson, Denise Neudecker, Henrik Sjöstrand, Michael Grosskopf, Donald Smith, Roberto Capote

    Predicting Spectrum Averaged Cross Sections in Prompt Fission Neutron Fields
    Roberto Capote, Andrej Trkov

    Rigorous Uncertainty Propagation Using a Dosimetry Transfer Calibration
    Patrick Griffin, David Vehar, Edward Parma, Kelly Hahn

    Evaluation of the 23Na(N,Gamma) Reaction Cross Section
    Sergei Badikov, Konstantin Zolotarev

    Retrospective Dosimetry Analysis of Top Support Plug Samples from Scrap Surveillance Capsule Material for Qualifying Calculations in the Extended Beltline Region of PWRS
    Greg Fischer, Byoung Kim

    Neutron Fluence Monitoring for Subsequent License Renewal
    Amrit Patel, Joel Risner, Benjamin Parks, Matthew Hardgrove

    Advanced Neutron Dosimetry on VVER-440 Aimed to Reactor Equipment Load Evaluation during Lifetime Prolongation
    Pavel Borodkin, Azamat Gazetdinov, Nikolay Khrennikov, Jörg Konheiser, Alexander Dzhalandinov, Alexander Sidorov, Sergey Aleshin, Sergey Zaritskiy, Alexander Egorov, Vyacheslav Kochkin, Dmitry Erak, Pavel Panferov, Denis Makhotin

    Vanadium Self-Powered Detector Gamma Response in Commercial Pressurized Water Reactor
    Jianwei Chen

    Supplemental Surveillance Capsule Application for Optimized Power Reactor, OPR1000, in Korea
    YoungJae Maeng, MiJoung Lim, KyungSik Kim, ChoonSung Yoo, Byoung Kim

    Radiation-Induced Degradation of Concrete in NPPs
    Igor Remec, Thomas Rosseel, Kevin Field, Yann Le Pape

    Validation of MCBEND Dosimetry Predictions against Measurements from Hunterston B Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor
    Dennis Allen, Dean Thornton, Simon Shaw, Jan Wagemans, Geoff Whiley, James Watson, Adrian Huggon, Paolo Mason

    Surveillance Dosimetry at Sizewell B Nuclear Power Plant
    Simon Shaw, Dean Thornton

    Approaches for Estimation of Radiation Damage Parameters on VVER Equipment and Their Implementation during Monitoring Procedure
    Pavel Borodkin, Azamat Gazetdinov, Nikolay Khrennikov

    Enhancement of STAYSL_PNNL with IRDFF/V1.05 to 60 MeV
    Lawrence Greenwood, Bruce Pierson, Christian Johnson

    Numerical Experiment to Validate an Advanced Methodology for Dosimetry in French Nuclear Reactors
    Nicolas Thiollay, Clément Fausser, Stéphane Bourganel, Pietro Mosca

    The VENUS-F Reactor for Nuclear Data Validation
    Antonín Krása, Peter Baeten, Luca Fiorito, Jan Heyse, Anatoly Kochetkov, Stefan Kopecky, Nadia Messaoudi, Carlos Paradela, Peter Schillebeeckx, Alexey Stankovskiy, Gert van den Eynde, Guido Vittiglio, Jan Wagemans

    Analysis of the FLUOLE-2 Program: UOX/MOX Core Loading Configurations
    Stéphane Bourganel, Nicolas Thiollay, Pietro Mosca

    On the Influence of Biological Shielding on Neutron Flux behind Reactor Pressure Vessel
    Michal Košt´ál, Vít Klupák, Vojtěch Rypar, Evžen Losa, František Cvachovec, Bohumil Jánský, Davit Harutunyan, Martin Schulc, Evžen Novák, Sergey Zaritskiy, Anais Bresson, Michel Tommy-Martin, Cecile-Aline Gosmain

    Estimation of Void Swelling in VVER-1000 Baffle Using Benchmark in LR-0 Reactor
    Davit Harutyunyan, Ihor Mirzov, Michal Košt´ál, Martin Schulc, Vít Klupák

    Spectrum Adjustment Results for Three Environments in the ACRR Central Cavity Using a Genetic Algorithm
    Richard Vega, Edward Parma

    Design and Response Testing of Boron-Diffused Silicon Carbide Neutron Detectors for Dosimetry and Monitoring Applications
    Krishna Mandal, Towhid Chowdhury, Cihan Oner, Frank Ruddy

    Practical Considerations for Reactor Spectrum Characterization: Lessons Learned
    Thomas Quirk, Edward Parma

    Exploration of the 1 keV–1 MeV Neutron Energy Range Using Zirconium Dosimeters
    Nicolas Thiollay, Victoria Sergeyeva, Abdallah Lyoussi, Christophe Domergue, Christophe Destouches

    Simultaneous Measurements of Nuclear Heating and Thermal Neutron Flux Obtained with the CALMOS-2 Measurement Device inside the OSIRIS Reactor
    Hubert Carcreff, Laurent Salmon, Valérie Lepeltier, Jean-Marie Guyot, Eric Bouard

    New Evaluation of Neutron Fluence Measurements by Diamond Detectors
    Vadim Nikolaenko, Sergey Zaritskiy, Alexander Egorov, Mikhail Saltykov, Ilya Bachuchin

    Gamma-Ray Imaging System for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant using Silicon Strip Detector
    Masaaki Kaburagi, Yuki Sato, Yuri Yoshihara, Kenji Shimazoe, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Tatsuo Torii

    The Effects of Radiation Hardening on the Reusability of CaF2:Mn TLDs
    Joshua Daniel, Dale Henneke, David Vehar

    Image Reconstruction of Radioactive Contamination Due to the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident Using a Compact Compton Camera
    Yuki Sato, Yuta Terasaka, Hiroko Miyamura, Masaaki Kaburagi, Yuta Tanifuji, Kuniaki Kawabata, Tatsuo Torii

    Evaluation of the Pool Critical Assembly Benchmark with Explicitly Modeled Geometry Using MCNP6’s Unstructured Mesh Capabilities
    Joel Kulesza, Roger Martz

    Deterministic Model of PWR Fast Fluence for Uncertainty Propagations with the Code APOLLO3®
    Pietro Mosca, Laura Clouvel, Théophile Lacaze, Sébastien Lahaye, Jean Lautard, Anne Baudron

    Derivation of Ex-Core Detector Response Functions for Sizewell B
    Christophe Murphy, George Wright, Dean Thornton, Simon Shaw, Paul Bryce

    High-Fidelity Gamma Transport Analysis for the Advanced Test Reactor Fuel Storage Canal
    David Nigg, James Sterbentz

    A Case Study into the Effect of Excess Reactivity on the Results of Dosimetry Calculations Performed with Fixed Source Codes
    David Powney, George Wright, Dean Thornton, Simon Shaw, Paul Bryce

    Using Total Monte Carlo to Calculate the Full Covariance Matrix of a Neutron Spectrum
    Nicola Asquith, Steven van der Marck

    Fast Neutron Flux and DPA Rates in NuScale SMR Core Components and Vessels
    Wei Zhang, Mark Shaver, Ruwan Ratnayake, Kent Welter

    Comparative Study of Fast Neutron Fluence between RAPTOR-M3G and TORT for Commercial Pressurized Water Reactor Vessel Extended Beltline
    Jianwei Chen, Greg Fischer

    Tritium Management in FLiBe-cooled Reactors: Assessing All Pathways of Tritium Production in a Detailed Model
    Timothy Flaspoehler, Bojan Petrovic

    Experimental and Computational Validation of RAPID
    Nathan Roskoff, Alireza Haghighat, Valerio Mascolino

    Methodology Qualification for the 3D RAPTOR-M3G Discrete Ordinates Transport Code on Traditional Beltline
    Jianwei Chen, Greg Fischer, Byoung Kim

    Examination of Core Neutronic Data Generated with the CASL Tools and Impacts on Ex-Core Neutron Exposure Calculations
    Greg Fischer

    Monte Carlo Calculation Procedure and Its Implementation for Radiation Load Estimation on Russian VVER Reactor Equipment
    Silvio Baier, Jörg Konheiser, Pavel Borodkin, Azamat Gazetdinov, Nikolay Khrennikov

    Co-60 Filter Box Optimization
    K. DePriest, David Vehar, Thomas Laub

    Study of Epithermal-Neutron Spectrum Variation versus Depth in Water Phantoms
    Grazia Gambarini, Daniela Bettega, Andrea Gebbia, Emanuele Artuso, Marco Felisi, Dario Giove, Elisabetta Durisi, Valeria Monti, Vit Klupák, Ladislav Viererbl, Miroslav Vins

    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1608-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-7662-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-7661-4