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    Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: 18th International Symposium

    Comstock Robert, Motta Arthur
    Published: 2018

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    Get 43 papers from global researchers on advancements in zirconium technology in the nuclear industry.

    Learn more about the range of challenges for the nuclear community and how they are being addressed in top research presented by industry associates, national laboratories, and universities.

    This publication includes three papers from the 2013, 2014, and 2015 recipients of the William J. Kroll Zirconium Medal. The Kroll Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the scientific, technological or commercial aspects of zirconium production and utilization.

    Topics featured:

    – Processing and Mechanical Properties
    – Mechanisms of Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup
    – Irradiation Effects on Corrosion
    – Irradiation Damage, Creep, and Growth
    – In-Reactor Performance
    – High-Temperature Transients
    – Hydrogen Effects and Dry Storage

    Special focus areas include waterside corrosion of cladding; accident tolerant fuel cladding; the influence of irradiation on corrosion; characterization of the evolving microstructure at the oxide-metal interface; characterization of oxides formed on E110 and E635 in VVER-1000 reactors; dimensional stability of zirconium alloy components through creep and growth during service; high-temperature behavior of cladding; and accident-tolerant fuel.

    These papers were presented at the 18th International Symposium on Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry, sponsored by ASTM International Committee B10 on Reactive and Refractory Metals and Alloys. It took place May 15-19, 2016, in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

    Table of Contents

    Long-Term Irradiation Growth in Zirconium Alloys
    Allan Rogerson, Robert Murgatroyd

    Mechanistic Understanding of Zirconium Alloy Fuel Cladding Performance
    Arthur Motta

    Behavior of Fuel with Zirconium Alloy Cladding in Reactivity-Initiated Accident and Loss-of-Coolant Accident
    Toyoshi Fuketa, Fumihisa Nagase

    Understanding Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup of Zirconium Fuel Cladding Alloys: The Role of Oxide Microstructure, Porosity, Suboxides, and Second-Phase Particles
    Jing Hu, Brian Setiadinata, Thomas Aarholt, Alistair Garner, Arantxa Vilalta-Clemente, Jonna Partezana, Philipp Frankel, Paul Bagot, Sergio Lozano-Perez, Angus Wilkinson, Michael Preuss, Michael Moody, Chris Grovenor

    Numerical Modeling of Zirconium Alloys Hot Extrusion
    Alexis Gaillac, Pierre Barberis

    Texture Development during Rolling of α + β Dual-Phase ZrNb Alloys
    Christopher Daniel, Peter Honniball, Luke Bradley, Michael Preuss, João Quinta da Fonseca

    Strain-Path Change Tests and Physically Based Polycrystalline Modeling of the Behavior of Recrystallized Zirconium Alloys
    Fabien Onimus, Matthew Bono, Jerome Garnier, Annie Soniak-Defresne, Roger Limon, Didier Gilbon, Florent Bourlier, Antoine Ambard

    Predicting the Flow Stress of Zircaloy-4 under In-Reactor Accident Conditions
    Chi-Toan Nguyen, Javier Romero, Antoine Ambard, Michael Preuss, João da Fonseca

    Mechanical Behavior at High Temperatures of Highly Oxygen- or Hydrogen-Enriched α and Prior-β Phases of Zirconium Alloys
    Isabelle Turque, Raphaël Chosson, Matthieu Saux, Jean-Christophe Brachet, Valérie Vandenberghe, Jerome Crépin, Anne-Francoise Gourgues-Lorenzon

    Out-of-Reactor Test of Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup in Fuel Cladding Materials in Contact with Nickel Metal
    Daniel Wells, Richard Becker, Jiaxin Chen, Clara Anghel, Dennis Hussey, Jayashri Iyer, Jacqueline Stevens

    Hydrogen Pickup Mechanism in Zirconium Alloys
    Adrien Couet, Arthur Motta, Antoine Ambard, Robert Comstock

    Influence of Hydride Precipitation on the Corrosion Kinetics of Zircaloy-4: Effect of the Nanostructure and Grain Boundary Properties of the Zirconium Oxide Layer on Oxygen Diffusion Flux
    Michael Jublot, Guillaume Zumpicchiat, Marc Tupin, Serge Pascal, Clotilde Berdin, Caroline Bisor, Martine Blat-Yrieix

    Microstructure Evolution in Ion-Irradiated Oxidized Zircaloy-4 Studied with Synchrotron Radiation Microdiffraction and Transmission Electron Microscopy
    Kimberly Colas, Romain Verlet, Marc Tupin, Zhonghou Cai, Krzysztof Wolski, Michael Jublot, Philippe Bossis

    Understanding of Corrosion Mechanisms after Irradiation: Effect of Ion Irradiation of the Oxide Layers on the Corrosion Rate of M5
    Marc Tupin, Romain Verlet, Krzysztof Wolski, Sandrine Miro, Gérard Baldacchino, Michael Jublot, Kimberly Colas, Philippe Bossis, Antoine Ambard, Damien Kaczorowski, Martine Blat-Yrieix, Isabel Idarraga

    Neutron Irradiation Effects on the Corrosion of Zircaloy-4 in a Pressurized Water Reactor Environment
    Bruce Kammenzind, Jason Gruber, Ram Bajaj, James Smee

    Investigating the Effect of Zirconium Oxide Microstructure on Corrosion Performance: A Comparison between Neutron, Proton, and Nonirradiated Oxides
    Alistair Garner, Felicity Baxter, Philipp Frankel, Matthew Topping, Allan Harte, Thomas Slater, Pia Tejland, Javier Romero, Edward Darby, Aidan Cole-Baker, Mhairi Gass, Michael Preuss

    Microbeam X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy of Alloying Elements in the Oxide Layers of Irradiated Zircaloy-2
    Aditya Shivprasad, Arthur Motta, Aylin Kucuk, Suresh Yagnik, Zhonghou Cai

    The Role of Gamma Radiation on Zircaloy-4 Corrosion
    Douglas Rishel, Bruce Kammenzind

    Study of Structure-Phase State of Oxide Films on E110 and E635 Alloys at Pre- and Post-Irradiation Stages
    Alexandr Shevyakov, Vladimir Novikov, Vladimir Markelov, Alexander Obukhov, Gennady Kobylyansky

    Transmission Electron Microscopy Examinations of Metal-Oxide Interface of Zirconium-Based Alloys Irradiated in Halden Reactor-IFA-638
    Sousan Abolhassani, Christian Proff, Lyubomira Veleva, Torill Karlsen, Peter Bennett, Barbara Oberländer, Marit Espeland, Håkon Jenssen, Lars Hallstadius, Anand Garde

    Understanding Irradiation Growth through Atomistic Simulations: Defect Diffusion and Clustering in α-Zirconium and the Influence of Alloying Elements
    Mikael Christensen, Walter Wolf, Clive Freeman, Erich Wimmer, Ronald Adamson, Lars Hallstadius, Paul Cantonwine, Erik Mader

    Equivalent Radiation Damage in Zirconium Irradiated in Various Reactors
    Lori Walters, Stephen Douglas, Malcolm Griffiths

    Quantifying Irradiation Defects in Zirconium Alloys: A Comparison between Transmission Electron Microscopy and Whole-Pattern Diffraction Line-Profile Analysis
    Levente Balogh, Fei Long, Zhongwen Yao, Michael Preuss, Mark Daymond

    Effect of Hydrogen on Irradiation Creep and Growth for ZIRLO Alloy and Zr-1.0Nb
    John Foster, Guirong Pan, Lu Cai, Andrew Atwood

    Effect of Alloying Elements, Cold Work, and Hydrogen on the Irradiation-Induced Growth Behavior of Zirconium Alloy Variants
    Suresh Yagnik, Ronald Adamson, Gennady Kobylyansky, Jen-Hung Chen, Didier Gilbon, Shinji Ishimoto, Takuji Fukuda, Lars Hallstadius, Alexander Obukhov, Sheikh Mahmood

    The Effect of Iron on Dislocation Evolution in Model and Commercial Zirconium Alloys
    Matthew Topping, Allan Harte, Philipp Frankel, Christopher Race, Gustav Sundell, Mattias Thuvander, Hans-Olof Andrén, Daniel Jadernas, Pia Tejland, Javier Romero, Edward Darby, Simon Dumbill, Lars Hallstadius, Michael Preuss

    Microstructural Evolution of Q12TM Alloy Irradiated in PWRs and Comparison with Other Zr Base Alloys
    Sylvie Doriot, Bénédicte Verhaeghe, Annie Soniak-Defresne, Philippe Bossis, Didier Gilbon, Valérie Chabretou, Jean-Paul Mardon, Marc Ton-That, Antoine Ambard

    Preliminary Irradiation Effect on Corrosion Resistance of Zirconium Alloys
    Vladimir Markelov, Vladimir Novikov, Alexandr Shevyakov, Anatoly Gusev, Michael Peregud, Viktor Konkov, Sergey Eremin, Alexander Pokrovsky, Alexander Obukhov

    Effects of Chemistry and Microstructure on Corrosion Performance of Zircaloy-2-Based BWR Cladding
    Yang-Pi Lin, David White, Dan Lutz

    The Performance of NSF in BWR Operating Conditions
    Paul Cantonwine, Dan Lutz, David White, Yang-Pi Lin

    Temperature and Neutron Flux Dependence of In-Reactor Creep for Cold-Worked Zr-2.5Nb
    Robert DeAbreu, Grant Bickel, Andrew Buyers, Stephen Donohue, Kris Dunn, Malcolm Griffiths, Lori Walters

    In-Pile Testing of CrN, TiAlN, and AlCrN Coatings on Zircaloy Cladding in the Halden Reactor
    Rudi Van Nieuwenhove, Vendi Andersson, Juraj Balak, Barbara Oberländer

    Alloying Effect of Niobium and Tin on the Zirconium Alloy Fuel Cladding Behavior at High Temperature Oxidation in Steam
    Andrey Malgin, Vladimir Markelov, Anatoly Gusev, Antonina Nikulina, Vladimir Novikov, Ivan Shelepov, Vladimir Donnikov, Vyacheslav Latynin, Julia Kosihina

    Post-Quench Ductility of Zirconium Alloy Cladding Materials
    Andrew Mueller, Javier Romero, Jonna Partezana, Guirong Pan, David Mitchell, Anand Garde, Andrew Atwood

    Investigation and Modeling of the Degradation of Zirconium-Based Fuel Cladding during Corrosion in Steam and Air-Steam Mixtures at High Temperatures
    Florian Haurais, Émilie Beuzet, Martin Steinbrück, Éric Simoni, Antoine Ambard, Mohamed Torkhani

    Combined Raman Imaging and 18O Tracer Analysis for the Study of Zircaloy-4 High-Temperature Oxidation in Spent Fuel Pool Accident
    Anne Kasperski, Christian Duriez, Michel Mermoux

    High-Temperature Secondary Hydriding Experiments with E110 and E110G Claddings
    Zoltán Hózer, Imre Nagy, András Vimi, Mihály Kunstár, Péter Szabó, Tamás Novotny, Erzsébet Perez-Feró, Zoltán Kis, László Szentmiklósi, Márta Horváth, Anna Csordás, Eszter Barsy, Katalin Kulacsy, Mirco Grosse

    In Situ Investigations of the Hydrogen Uptake of Zirconium Alloys during Steam Oxidation
    Mirco Grosse, Martin Steinbrueck, Burkhard Schillinger, Anders Kaestner

    Effect of Irradiation on Terminal Solid Solubility of Hydrogen in Zr-2.5Nb
    Heidi Nordin, Vicky Hilton, Andrew Buyers, Christopher Coleman, Glenn McRae

    Hydrogen Trapping at Neutron Irradiation Produced Defects in Recrystallized Alpha Annealed Zircaloy-4
    Bruce Kammenzind

    Hydride Effects on Discharged Fuel Clad Related to Accident Conditions during Dry Storage and Handling
    Ron Kesterson, Paul Korinko, Poh-Sang Lam, Robert Sindelar

    Is Spent Nuclear Fuel Immune from Delayed Hydride Cracking during Dry Storage? An IAEA Coordinated Research Project
    Christopher Coleman, Vladimir Markelov, Maria Roth, Vidas Makarevicius, Zhang He, Jayanta Chakravartty, Anna-Maria Alvarez-Holston, Liaqat Ali, Lalgudi Ramanathan, Victor Inozemtsev

    Hydride Reorientation in Zircaloy-4 under Different States of Stress as Studied with In Situ X-Ray Diffraction
    M. Cinbiz, Arthur Motta, Donald Koss, Michael Billone

    Committee: B10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1597-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-7642-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-7641-6