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    Reactor Dosimetry

    Farrar H, Lippincott EP, Williams JG, Vehar DW
    Published: 1994

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    Presents the most up to date research available from the world's leading experts in neutron and gammaray physics and dosimetry. This state-of-the-art review features over 85 peer-reviewed papers on such wide-ranging subjects as:

    Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry -- 17papers, including review papers on the current status of surveillance standards, several papers on the status of surveillance programs in central and eastern European countries, and a number of papers on handling uncertainties in surveillance data.

    Passive and Active Neutron Dosimetry Techniques -- two sections containing papers that describe some of the newest techniques in neutron metrology.

    Benchmarks -- includes papers describing the analysis of benchmark neutron environments for verification and validation of measurement and calculational results.

    Gamma-Ray Dosimetry Techniques -- 5 papers describing some of the latest techniques for determining gamma-ray fluences in reactor environments.

    Radiation Damage Evaluation and Measurements-- contains papers correlating various aspects of radiation damage with fluence.

    Radiation Field Characterization -- 8 papers describe analyses in a wide variety of neutron environments, ranging from neutron fields in light-water moderated research reactors to photoneutron fields produced by an electron accelerator.

    Nuclear Data -- papers on evaluations of specific cross sections important for dosimetry applications, as well as evaluation and testing of updated dosimetry cross-section libraries. In addition, this section includes 2 papers on the evaluation and testing of the most recent multigroup cross-section libraries used for neutron and gamma-ray transport calculations.

    High-Energy Neutron Dosimetry -- 5 papers that support research in fusion energy.

    Three keynote presentations and summaries of nine workshop meetings are also included in this comprehensive edition.

    Table of Contents

    Impact of U.S. NRC Reactor Vessel Embrittlement Research on Regulation of Nuclear Power Plants

    Technical Issues Relevant to ASTM LWR Surveillance Standards

    ASTM Standards Associated with PWR and BWR Power Plant Licensing, Operation and Surveillance

    VVER-440 Reactor Vessel Exposure Monitoring in the Czech Republic

    Neutron Fluence Determination for WER-440 Reactor Pressure Vessel Ageing Surveillance

    Revision of Neutron Dosimetry for the Loviisa WER-440 Reactors: Principles and Application

    Pressure Vessel Fluence Monitoring at NPP with VVER: Routine Technique and New Approaches

    Analysis of the TIHANGE-2 Surveillance Neutron Dosimetry Using the Lepricon Code System

    Lepricon, Combination of Correlated Data and Peelle's Puzzle

    Assessment of Uncertainty in Reactor Vessel Fluence Determination

    Investigations into Power Reactor Fluence Uncertainties and their Implications for Trend Curves

    Neutron Fluence Determination for Light Water Reactor Pressure Vessels

    Maine Yankee Dosimetry Capsule and Pressure Vessel Neutron Fluence Calculations

    Analysis of PWR Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry with McBend

    Special Dosimetry at Saint Laurent BL Mox-Loaded Unit

    Three-Dimensional Discrete Ordinates Radiation Transport Calculations of Neutron Fluxes for Beginnig-of-Cycle at Several Pressure Vessel Surveillance Positions in the High Flux Isotope Reactor

    Fluence Surveillance by Scraping Samples from the Inner Surface of the Thermal Shield in the Nuclear Power Plant Obrigheim in Germany (KWO).

    Koeberg Surveillance Capsule Fluence Determination Using PCDC Dosimetry Cross Sections and Activation Measurements

    Boron Determinations in Pressure Vessel Steels

    Neutron Dosimetry with the 58Ni(n,p)58Co Reaction at Short-Decay Times

    Mono-Energetic Mono-Directional Resonance Neutron Activation of Natural Indium Metal Target

    Passive Temperature Monitoring in Reactor Environments Using Integrating Thermal Monitors

    Neutron Flux Estimations Based on Niobium Impurities in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel

    Neutron Dosimetry and Mechanical Properties Changes Monitoring by Magnetic Response of Fe and Ni Wires

    Applicability of Superheated Drop (Bubble) Detectors to Reactor Dosimetry

    Materials Prepared at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) for Reactor Dosimetry Applications

    Signal Anticipation of Rhodium Self Powered Neutron Detectors for On-Line Applications

    Dynamic Compensation of the Silver Self-Powered Neutron Detector in the Ramp Program at the Osiris Reactor

    Research for Application of Long Counter with a Position-Sensitive Proportional Counter to Neutron Dosimetry

    The Modified Notched Neutron Spectrum Technique for the Surveillance of Hydrogen in Reactor Materials

    Response Matrices of NE213 Scintillation Detectors for Neutrons

    Accurate Neutron Fluence Measurements Using Bonner Spheres

    Proton Recoil Spectroscopy 400 Meters from a Fission Neutron Source

    Neutron Fluence Determination at Reactor Filters by 3He Proportional Counters: Comparison of Unfolding Algorithms

    Analysis of the Venus Out-Of-Core Activation Measurements Using MCBEND

    Analysis of the VENUS-1 Ex-Core Neutron Dosimetry Using the Lepricon Code System

    Test Calculations of the Neutron Flux on VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel

    Analysis of Pulsed-Sphere Experiments as Integral Data for Cross-Section Adjustment

    Evaluation of the Results of the B&W Owners Group Cavity Dosimetry Benchmark Experiment

    Neutron Leakage Benchmarks for Water Moderators

    Pool Critical Assembly Benchmark Solutions Using MCNP and Threedant

    Validation of Neutron Transport Calculations on Magnox Power Plant

    “Concrete Benchmark” Experiment as Support to Ex-Vessel LWR Surveillance Dosimetry

    The Materials Dosimetry Reference Facility

    SILENE, a New Radiation Reference Source

    Development of an Alanine Dosimeter for Gamma Dosimetry in Mixed Environments

    Reusability of CaF2:Mn Thermoluminescence Dosimeters for Photon Irradiations at High Absorbed-Dose Levels

    Gamma-Ray Dose Mapping in Operational CANDU Reactor Containment Areas Using MOS Dosimeters

    Characterization of the Gamma Field in the B%W Owners Group Cavity Dosimetry Benchmark Experiment

    Measurement and Analysis of Gamma-Ray Distributions in Kyoto University Critical Assembly, KUCA

    Overview of the Activities in Spain on Irradiation Embrittlement of RPV Steel

    Neutron Spectrum Effect on Pressure Vessel Embrittlement: Dosimetry and Qualification of Irradiation Locations in Osiris and Siloe Reactors

    The Irradiation Facility Korpus for Irradiation of the Reactor Structure Materials

    Reactor Vessel Dosimetry Assessment: Perspectives of the Materials Engineer

    Calculation of Transmutation in Copper and Comparison with Measured Electrical Properties

    Intercomparison of Neutron Test Facilities for Equivalent Damage to Electronics

    The Test Reactor Embrittlement Data Base (TR-EDB)

    Calculated Damage Rates for FFTF Structural Components and Surveillance Assemblies

    A Plant-Specific Upper Shelf Energy Drop Methodology

    Calculated and Measured Gas Formation in Beryllium Samples Irradiated in the High Flux Materials Testing Reactor BR2

    The Spallation Neutron Source SINQ and Related Dosimetry Problems

    Dosimetry Issues for an Ultra-High Flux Beam and Multipurpose Research Reactor Design

    Investigation of Laboratory Neutron Spectral Characterizations Used for the Testing of Electronic Parts

    Dosimetry Aspects of the New Canadian MAPLE-X10 Reactor

    Neutron Metrology in the Fuel Assemblies of a Material Test Reactor.

    Two-Dimensional Neutron and Gamma Calculations for Devices Irradiated in BR2 Reflector Positions

    Energy and Spatial Distribution of the Photoneutron Flux from a Radiotherapy Electron Accelerator

    Determination of the Neutron Flux for the Yankee Rowe Experiment in the Ford Nuclear Reactor

    Testing of the IRDF-90 Cross-Section Library in Benchmark Neutron Spectra

    Comparison of the BUGLE-80 and SAILOR Libraries for Coupled Neutron-Gamma Transport Applications

    Production and Testing of the Vitamin-B6 Fine-Group and the BUGLE-93 Broad-Group Neutron/Photon Cross-Section Libraries Derived from ENDF/B-VI Nuclear Data

    JENDL Dosimetry File

    Status of Neutron Dosimetry Cross Sections

    Nuclear Data Needs for Fission Reactor Decommissioning

    Evaluation of the 93Nb(n,n') 93mNb and 93Nb(n,2n) 92mNb Reactions Cross-Sections from Threshold to 20 MEV.

    Measurements of the 237Np(n,f) Cross Section

    Measurements of Thermal Neutron Cross Section and Resonance Integral for the 237Np(n,γ)238Np Reaction

    Measurement of 233U Fission Spectrum-Averaged Cross Sections for Some Threshold Reactions

    Calculation of Cobalt and Gold Dosimetry Cross Sections from 1 to 50 MeV

    Measurement and Analysis of the Nitrogen Total and Differential Scattering Cross Sections in the Resonance Region

    Effect of Gadolinium Covers on Fast Dosimeter Response

    The DS86 Neutron Dosimetry Enigma: Some Missing Pieces to the Puzzle

    Helium Measurements in Support of MHTGR Lithium Target Testing

    Design of a Target and Moderator at the Los Alamos Spallation Radiation Effects Facility (LASREF) as a Neutron Source for Fusion Reactor Materials Development

    Spallation Radiation Damage and Dosimetry for Accelerator Transmutation of Waste Applications

    Neutron Dosimetry and Activation on the Tokamak Tore-Supra

    Dosimetry of Medium Energy Neutrons and Protons in Material Irradiation Experiments

    Neutron Cross Sections for the Interpretation of a Spallation Experiment



    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1228-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5281-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1899-7