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    Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1987

    Bennett HE, Guenther AH, Milam D, Newnam BE, Soileau MJ
    Published: 1988

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    Provides information on optical material for high power lasers. Highlights include surface characterization, thin film substrate boundaries, and advances in fundamental laser matter threshold.

    Table of Contents

    Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials

    Influence of Optical Components for Laser Processing

    Materials for Aerospace/Large Optics

    Production and Properties of Perrhenate-Doped Alkali Halide Crystals

    Solubility of Pt in Nd Phosphate Laser Glass

    Effect of Residual Organic Carbon in Mother Solution of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate on Damage Threshold of the Crystals for High Power Lasers

    Laser Damage on Zinc Selenide and Cadmium Telluride Using the Stanford Mark III Infrared Free Electron Laser

    Laser Damage in Silicon Avalanche Photodiode

    Multiphoton Photoconductivity and Laser Induced Damage in Alkali-Halide Crystals Under Picosecond Pulses from YAG:Nd Laser and its Harmonics

    Radiation-Induced Absorption in Fused Silica

    Radiation Effects in Amorphous SiO2 for Windows and Mirror Substrates

    Ultrafast Imaging of Optical Damage in PMMA

    Recent Progress in Understanding Fundamental Mechanisms of Laser Induced Damage in Optical Polymers

    Large Scale Damage Testing in a Production Environment

    A New Average-Power Damage Test Facility at LLNL

    Developments in Beam Profiling with a CCD Area Array Detector

    A Sensor for Production Oriented Damage Testing at 1.06μm

    Mapping of Surface Defects of Optical Components by a High Speed Surface Analysis System

    Scattered Light as a Laser Damage Diagnostic

    The Growth and Stability of Ag Layers on Cu(110) Monitored by Second-Harmonic Generation

    Super-Polished Silicon Carbide Mirror for XUV Radiation

    Ultrafine Polishing of Tungsten and Molybdenum Mirrors for Co 2 Laser

    A New Forming Technology Using Laser Damage

    UV Light Cleaning of Silica Surfaces for Improved Laser Damage of AR Coatings

    Laser Induced Particle Emission as a Precursor to Laser Damage

    A Chemical Precursor to Optical Damage? Studies by Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry

    Ion Emission Kinetics of Laser Damage to Semiconductor and Dielectric Thin Film Surfaces

    Laser Induced Desorption and Second Harmonic Generation from the (111) Surface of Barium Fluoride

    Multiphoton Absorption Near Surface Damage Thresholds of Ionic Crystals and Metals

    Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Zinc Neutrals Originating from Laser-Irradiated and Ion-Bombarded Zinc Sulfide and Zinc Surfaces

    Damage to Fused Silica Windows while Under Simultaneous Exposure to Flowing Solvents and Laser Radiation at 308 nm

    Laser Damage Studies of Ion Beam Milled Fused Silica

    Diamond, A Potentially New Optical Coating Material

    Wavelength Dependence of Edge Filter Absorption

    Minimizing Scattering in Multilayers: Technique for Searching Optimal Realization Conditions

    A Comparison of Various Rugate Filter Designs

    Comparative Study of Reactively Evaporated vs. Ion-Plated TiO2 Thin Films

    Ion Assisted Deposition of Optical Thin Films at Reduced Substrate Temperature

    Optical Properties of Low Energy Ion Assisted Deposited TiO2 Films

    HR Coatings Prepared from Colloidal Suspensions

    1064 nm and 350nm Radiation Stability of Low Density ThO2-SiO2 High-Reflective Coatings Deposited from Sols

    Oxide Optical Coatings Prepared by Metal-Organic Vapor Deposition

    Deposition with Ultra-Fine Particles

    Cluster Beam Deposition for Optical Thin Films

    Measurement of HR Coatings Absorptance at 10.6 Microns by Mirage Effect

    Basic Studies of Optical Coating Thermal Properties

    Studies of the Thermal Stability of Thin Film Structures

    Raman Studies of Inherent and Applied Stress in Thin Optical Films

    Optical Measurements of Surface Oxide Layer Formation on Metal Films

    The Properties of Laser Annealed Dielectric Films

    Video Image Processing of Laser-Illuminated Coating Defects

    Operational Limits for ZnSe/ThF4 Multilayer Mirrors in the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser Oscillator

    Damage Threshold of Oscillator Mirrors in Mark III FEL

    Laser Induced Damage Measurements of Free Electron Laser Optical Components

    Database of Average-Power Damage Thresholds at 1064 nm

    Causes of Damage in Multilayer Dielectric Coatings Exposed to High Average Power Visible Laser Radiation

    On the Role of Water in the Laser Conditioning Effect

    Optical Coatings for High-Power Nd-Lasers

    Pulse Length Scaling Results at 248 nm

    Measurements of Ultra-wide Pulse Damage Thresholds of Anti-reflection Coated IR Materials at 10.6 μn

    Sample Ranking vs. Damage Threshold Criteria in Small Spot Size Laser Damage Testing

    Intrinsic Optical Damage in Potassium Bromide at 532 nm

    The Discovery of Laser-Induced Intrinsic Optical Damage in Wide-Gap Materials at Visible Wavelength

    The Laser Damage Mechanism for NaCl and KBr at 532 nm — Theoretical Predictions and Experimental Tests

    New Data Regarding the Thermal Laser-Damage Model and the Accumulation Phenomena in Silicon

    Observation of Two Photon Absorption Prior to Laser-Induced Damage in ZrO2

    Intense-Field Optical Interband Excitations in Semiconductors and Insulators

    Behavior Studies on Dirt Spikes in Laser Discharge and Their Effects on Thyratron Operations

    Thermal Shock: A Contributing Factor to Laser Damage in Optical Thin Films Used for High Power Continuous Wave Laser Optics

    Reverse Thermal Wave Approximation for Temperature Transients in Optical Thin Films and Substrates — Reflective Optics for High Power Repetitive Pulsed Lasers

    Reverse Thermal Wave Approximation for Temperature Transients in Optical Thin Fitms and Substrates Reflective Optics for High Power Continuous Wave Lasers

    High Power Continuous Wave and Repetitive Pulsed Thermal Shock Laser Damage to Metallic Reflective Optics


    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1038-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5033-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-4481-1