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    Application of New Solid Polymeric Dispersant, Easy-Sperse® P-20 (Spray-Dried Polymer Composites) in Suspension Concentrates and Water Dispersible Granule Formulations—Improvement in Suspensibility and Rain-fastnesss

    Published: 2010

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    Easy-Sperse® P-20 [ES P-20] is a synergistic, spray-dried composite of polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) and partially neutralized methyl vinyl ether maleic acid butyl/ethyl half ester polymer. In this work, ES P-20 was used as an additive in water-based suspension concentrate (SC) and water dispersible granule (WDG) for improving the suspensibility and rain-fastness performance of those samples. SC samples with 40 % Diuron, 30 % Isoproturon, and 40 % Imidacloprid were prepared. The suspensibility, rain-fastness, viscosity, pH, heat-aged stability, and particle size distribution were measured and compared. Our data showed that the use of ES P-20 could improve the SC suspensibility. The majority of the samples tested reached >70 % suspensibility at 0.2 %, 0.5 %, and 1 % active ingredients after dilution with water and after 4 h standing at room temperature. For some samples, the suspensibility was found to be >90 %, while the formulations without ES P-20 showed a suspensibility of <50 % in most cases. After adding ES P-20, the SC sample with 40 % Diuron also demonstrated better rain-fastness. This indicates that ES P-20 can enhance water resistance during water rinsing. WDG samples with 90 % Atrazine, 80 % Diuron, and 75 % Nicosulfuron were also made successfully using ES P-20 as one of the polymeric dispersants via a laboratory basket extruder. Performance data including friability/hardness, disintegration, wetting time, and suspensibility were evaluated. The data provided illustrate the advantage of using ES P-20 for improving the suspensibility in water. In conclusion, ES P-20 shows synergy with anionic dispersants in dispersing AIs. It also improves heat-aged stability and reduces settling of the AI with time. The formulations with ES P-20 showed increased resistance to water wash in our laboratory tests. The results demonstrated that ES P-20 can be used effectively in formulating zero volatile organic compound compositions like SC and WDG.


    Easy-Sperse® P-20, suspension concentrates (SCs), water dispersible granule (WDG), suspensibility, rain-fastness

    Author Information:

    Zhang, W.
    ISP Shanghai Technical Centre-R&D, Shanghai,

    Qu, X.
    ISP Shanghai Technical Centre-R&D, Shanghai,

    Jon, D.
    ISP Research and Development, International Specialty Products, Wayne, NJ

    Patel, J.
    ISP Research and Development, International Specialty Products, Wayne, NJ

    Narayanan, K. S.
    ISP Research and Development, International Specialty Products, Wayne, NJ

    Committee/Subcommittee: E35.22

    DOI: 10.1520/STP152720120007