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    ASTM Handbook of Automotive Lubricants and Testing

    Tung Simon, Totten George
    Published: 2012

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    Thirty chapters provide a comprehensive overview of various lubrication aspects of a typical powertrain system including the engine, transmission, driveline, chassis, and other components. The manual addresses major issues and current development status of automotive lubricant test methods.

    Topics also cover advanced lubrication and tribochemistry of the powertrain system, such as diesel fuel lubrication, specialized automotive lubricant testing development, filtration testing of automotive lubricants, lubrication of constant velocity joints, and biodegradable automotive lubricants.

    Major chapters cover:
    • Automotive tribology systems
    • Automotive engine lubricant tests and specifications
    • Transmission fluids
    • Gear oils and grease
    • Automotive bench test simulation and tribological bench tests
    • Tribological simulation, wear tests, and laboratory characterization
    • Designing for wear life and frictional performance for automotive applications
    • Surface analysis and tribochemistry of automotive engine components
    • Problems and opportunities regarding the lubrication of modern automotive engines
    • Overview and future trends of automotive lubricants and testing

    Table of Contents

    Fundamental Principles of Contact and Lubrication
    Wang Q., Cheng H.

    Automotive Lubricants
    Mackney D., Clague N., Brown G., Fish G., Durham J.

    Lubricant Properties and Characterization
    Henderson K., May C.

    Controlling Lubricant Degradation through Performance Specification
    Fox M.

    Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Film Tests and Tribological Bench Tests
    Wang Q., Tung S., Liu Y., Zhang Y., Zhu D.

    Automotive Engine Hardware and Lubrication Requirements
    Becker E., Tung S.

    Gasoline Engine and Diesel Engine Powertrain Systems
    Silva P.

    Automotive Bearing Systems—Journal Bearings
    Mian O.

    Testing and Evaluation of Lubricating Greases for Rolling Element Bearings of Automotive Systems
    Li X., Wu C., Wu B., Zhang H., Luo J., Feng Q.

    The Drivetrain System
    Simner D.

    Gear Oil Screen Testing with FZG Back-to-Back Rig
    Michaelis K., O'Connor B.

    Problems and Opportunities Regarding the Lubrication of Modern Automotive Engines
    Yamaguchi E., Tanaka G., Matsumoto K.

    Bench Performance Test Methods for Lubricated Engine Materials
    Blau P., Tung S.

    Current and Future Specification of Lubricant Performance
    Fox M.

    Automatic Transmission Lubricants
    Vickerman R., Tipton C.

    Other Automotive Specialized Lubricant Testing Including Manual Transmission, Rear Axle, and Gear Box Lubricant Testing and Specification
    Simner D.

    Design for Reduced Wear
    Lewis R., Slatter T.

    Nonpetroleum-Based, No/Low-Sulphur, Ash, and Phosphorus, and Bio-No-Toxicity Engine Oil Development and Testing
    Woydt M.

    Current and Future Advances in Materials Development for Tribological Applications
    Rivolta B., Canale L.

    Surface Analysis and Tribochemistry of Automotive Engine Components
    Morina A., Zhao H.

    Tribology and Fine Automotive Mechanical Systems
    Stehr W.

    Analysis of In-Service Automotive Engine Oils
    Fitch J.

    Diesel Fuel Lubrication and Testing
    Qu J.

    Filters and Filtration Testing of Automotive Fuels and Lubricants
    Bessee G., Clark-Heinrich E.

    Dynamic Friction Characterization and Modeling of Tripod Constant Velocity Joints
    Lee C., Polycarpou A.

    Biobased Automotive Lubricants
    Honary L.



    Committee: D02

    DOI: 10.1520/MNL62-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-7038-4

    ISBN-PRINT: 978-0-8031-7036-0


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