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    Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing, 2nd Edition

    Totten George, Shah Rajesh, Forester David
    Published: 2019

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    No other book provides the extensive, in-depth coverage of fluid properties and test methodologies together.

    Manual 37 is a comprehensive, in-depth, well-referenced handbook that provides a detailed overview of all of the important ASTM and non-ASTM fuels and lubricants test procedures. Readers will get a thorough overview of the application-related properties being tested and an extensive discussion of the principles behind the tests and their relationship to the properties themselves.

    This newly revised edition, updated from the 2003 publication, includes new breadth and depth of discussion on important petroleum industry technology. It is a must-have for anyone in the global industry involved in the formulation, use, and specification of fuels and lubricants.

    You’ll get 49 chapters on general material production; fuels; lubricants; non-petroleum process fluids and ionic fluids; and testing. Topics covered include:

    – Chromatography methods in the petroleum and fuels and lubricants industry
    – NMR spectroscopy in the petroleum industry
    – Mass spectrometry in the petroleum industry
    – Metalworking and machining fluids
    – Hydrocarbons for chemical and specialty uses
    – Asphaltenes
    – Bench test modeling
    – Lubricant friction and wear testing
    – Statistical quality assurance and measurement practices for petroleum products
    – Environmental characteristics of fuels and lubricants
    – Pipeline corrosion
    – Engineering sciences of aerospace fuels
    – Volatility
    – Fuel cleanliness

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 | Petroleum Oil Refining
    Marvin Rakow

    Chapter 2 | Used Oil and Re-Refining
    Barbara Parry

    Chapter 3 | Asphaltenes Review: Characterization and Modeling
    Sohrab Zendehboudi

    Chapter 4 | Petroleum Waxes
    G. Mansoori, H. Barnes, Glenn Webster

    Chapter 5 | Coal-to-Liquid Conversion Processes: A Review
    Burtron Davis

    Chapter 6 | Liquefied Petroleum Gas
    Robert Falkiner, Andy Pickard

    Chapter 7 | Motor Gasoline
    Lewis Gibbs, Andrea Schütze

    Chapter 8 | Aviation Fuels
    Roger Gaughan, Stanford Seto, George Wilson

    Chapter 9 | Automotive Diesel Fuel, Burner Fuel, Nonaviation Gas Turbine Fuel, and Kerosene
    Steven Westbrook

    Chapter 10 | Petroleum-Derived Hydrocarbon Base Oils
    Syed Rizvi

    Chapter 11 | Hydrocarbons for Chemical and Specialty Uses
    George Gonzalez

    Chapter 12 | Additives and Additive Chemistry
    Syed Rizvi

    Chapter 13 | Synthetic Lubricants: Nonaqueous
    John Sherman

    Chapter 14 | Synthetic Lubricants: Aqueous
    John Sherman

    Chapter 15 | Environmentally Acceptable Ester-Based Hydraulic Fluids
    Hubertus Murrenhoff, Andreas Remmelmann, Nicolai Otto

    Chapter 16 | Turbine Lubricating Oils and Hydraulic Fluids
    W. Phillips, James Hannon, J. Staniewski

    Chapter 17 | Hydraulic Fluids
    Paul Michael, Hongmei Zhao

    Chapter 18 | Compressor Lubricants
    William Hum, Kai Su, Vasu Bala

    Chapter 19 | Gear Lubricants
    Vasu Bala

    Chapter 20 | Automotive Engine Lubricants
    Luc Girard, Simon Tung, Mathias Woydt, Dennis Bachelder

    Chapter 21 | Metalworking and Machining Fluids
    Syed Rizvi

    Chapter 22 | Lubricating Greases
    Rajesh Shah, William Tuszynski

    Chapter 23 | Heat Transfer Fluids
    Gerald Guffey, James Johnson

    Chapter 24 | Nonlubricating Process Fluids: Steel Quenching Technology
    Bozidar Liščič, Rosa Otero, Luigi Albano, George Totten, Lauralice Canale

    Chapter 25 | Ionic Liquid Lubricants: Basics and Applications
    Huaping Xiao

    Chapter 26 | Static Petroleum Measurement
    Lee Oppenheim

    Chapter 27 | Analysis of Liquid Fuels and Lubricants
    Annie Pathiparampil, Larry Tucker, Mike Birke, Stephen Roby

    Chapter 28 | Elemental Analysis
    R. Nadkarni

    Chapter 29 | Chromatography Methods in the Petroleum Fuels and Lubricants Industry
    Lawrence Wilkinson

    Chapter 30 | Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Petroleum, Petroleum Products, and Lubricants
    James Brown

    Chapter 31 | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Petroleum
    Heather Dettman

    Chapter 32 | Mass Spectrometry in the Petroleum Industry
    Diana Lozano, Martha Chacón-Patiño, Andrea Gomez-Escudero, Mark Barrow

    Chapter 33 | Volatility
    Rey Montemayor

    Chapter 34 | Particle Counting: Fuels and Lubricants
    Mike Sherratt, Steve Georgii

    Chapter 35 | Biodeterioration
    Frederick Passman

    Chapter 36 | Temperature Measurement
    Kenneth Henderson

    Chapter 37 | Combustion Characteristics of Diesel and Spark-Ignition Engines
    Kevin Hoag

    Chapter 38 | Engineering Sciences of Aerospace Fuels
    A. Hutzler

    Chapter 39 | Properties of Fuels, Petroleum Pitch, Petroleum Coke, and Carbon Materials
    Semih Eser, John Andrésen

    Chapter 40 | Oxidation of Lubricants and Fuels
    Rajesh Shah, Syed Rizvi, Cyril Migdal, Kevin DiNicola

    Chapter 41 | Corrosion
    Maureen Hunter, Robert Baker

    Chapter 42 | Corrosion of Pipeline Steel
    Faysal Eliyan, Ibrahim Gadala, Hung Ha, Akram Alfantazi

    Chapter 43 | Flow Properties and Shear Stability
    Kenneth Henderson

    Chapter 44 | Cold Flow Properties
    Kenneth Henderson

    Chapter 45 | Environmental Characteristics of Fuels and Lubricants
    Mark Hinman, In-Sik Rhee

    Chapter 46 | Lubrication Fundamentals
    Wei Dai, Huaping Xiao, George Totten, Hong Liang

    Chapter 47 | Tribology Testing and Modeling
    Lavern Wedeven

    Chapter 48 | Lubricant Friction and Wear Testing
    Michael Anderson, Frederick Schmidt

    Chapter 49 | Statistical Quality Assurance of Measurement Processes for Petroleum and Petroleum Products
    Alex Lau

    Committee: D02

    DOI: 10.1520/MNL37-2ND-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-7090-2

    ISBN-PRINT: 978-0-8031-7089-6


    MNL 37-2ND