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    Call for Technical Notes

    Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing in the post COVID-19 Manufacturing Era

    Guest Co-Editors:

    Prof. Soundar Kumara

    Allen, E., & Allen, M., Pearce Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802, USA

    Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari

    Director, National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering Vihar Lake Rd Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400087, India

    Prof. Yinlun Huang

    Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Wayne State University Detroit, MI 48202, USA

    COVID-19 has wrecked global economy, causing global disruption and leading to unprecedented unemployment. This has especially effected the manufacturing sector significantly to keep the production going and protect the supply chain. This has impacted the overall productivity and employment which has national security implications. We need to have multipronged approach in addition to market dynamics to address these and find cost-effective long-term solutions.

    From the above context, how can manufacturing be revitalized locally and globally? What strategies manufacturing organizations, governments and educational institutions must follow to rebuild economies, re-skill work force, and stop the spiraling downfall leading to global economic collapse? How to build resilient supply chains?

    We, as Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Community, have the responsibility to address the aforementioned questions and contribute to the recovery from this pandemic. Please explore your ideas on processes, systems, courses, applied training modes, policy issues, fundamental and futuristic research directions. We are seeking your expertise and inputs, which will help us as a community to develop a unified position to realign for a speedy economic recovery.

    We are seeking technical notes, exploring your ideas on what your country, your community and your institutions must be doing with a focus on smart and sustainable manufacturing viewpoint. We intentionally left the scope broad and are not restricting the papers to a particular theme. Papers addressing products as well as technologies, strategies and policies that would be needed in post COVID-19 era are welcome. We request that the papers be between 1000 and 1500 words of text along with a maximum of 10 references (not counted in the word length). We do not need conclusions; we need your cohesive futuristic thoughts and actions.

    We want to get your thoughts out the earliest to the world. Please send an email about your willingness to contribute to Alyssa Conaway, We do not need a title, just your willingness which we will take as a commitment to send a paper, by August 15, 2020.

    We would like to have your technical notes uploaded to the submission site by August 31, 2020.