L. David Suits

    L. David Suits


    • Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering – Clarkson College of Technology (now Clarkson University) – 1967
    • Master of Science – Civil Engineering – Clarkson College of Technology – 1969

    Professional History

    • Retired, May 2005 – NYSDOT Geotechnical Engineering Bureau
      • Employed from September 1968 to May 2005
      • Soils Engineering Laboratory Supervisor – 1976 – 2005
    • Instructor at 25 – 30 training sessions for qualifying NYSDOT technicians in the performance of visual descriptions of soils. Received in-house training on class preparation and presentation.
    • As supervisor of the Soil Mechanics Laboratory I oversaw the performance of all foundation design testing done in conjunction with the Department’s $1 billion design and construction program. This included strength, consolidation, permeability, and model testing. I alsoversaw the Department's geosynthetic acceptance and quality assurance process. This included testing and evaluating of geosynthetic products for strength, water flow, and soil retention characteristics. Responsible for the quality assurance process following approval of the geosynthetics.
    • In the past I have overseen projects which have included model testing designed tdevelop the present Department specification for underdrain filter material. Alsincluded are projects tinvestigate constant rate of strain consolidation testing, triaxial extension testing, resilient modulus testing, and permeability testing of various drainage media. The work has alsincluded the development of ASTM Standard Test Methods for geosynthetic testing.
    • July 2004 – NHI Geosynthetics Course, Rochester, NY – State representative presentation
    • At least two other presentations for above course offerings held at NYSDOT
    • Current– Instructor Team Member for the National Highway Institute “Designing with Geosynthetics” Course
    • Adjunct Professor – Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; “Designing with Geosynthetics,” Spring 2006 and Spring 2009 Terms
    • Various professional presentations on geosynthetics in my current position as Executive Director of the North American Geosynthetics Society

    Professional Affiliations

    ASTM International - Member since 1977

    • Past Member, Committee D13 on Textiles
    • Member, Committee D04 on Paving Materials
    • Member, Committee D18 on Soil and Rock – C-editor of the ASTM International Geotechnical Testing Journal
    • Founding Member, Committee D35 on Geosynthetics – Past chairperson (Four 3 year terms)
    • Chairperson of D35.03 on Permeability and Filtration
    • Member 2005 – 2010, Committee on Publications
    • Past Member of Committee on Technical Committee Operations: Past chairperson of subcommittee on Technical Committee Operations
    • Past Member of Committee on Nominations

    Transportation Research Board of the National Academies – Member

    • Past Chairperson of Group AF000 on Design and Construction
      • 8 sections with a total of 56 committees under the jurisdiction
    • Past Chairperson of Section AFS00 on Soil Mechanics
      • 9 committees under the jurisdiction
    • Past Chairperson of Committees AFS60 on Subsurface Drainage and AFS70 on Geosynthetics – Emeritus Member of AFS70
    • Past member 4 National Highway Research Program Project Panels
    • Member of Transportation Research Record Publication and Editorial Board
    • Member of Strategic Highway Research Program(SHRP) 2 Technical Expert Task Group on Geotechnical Solutions for Soil Improvement, Rapid Embankment Construction, and Stabilization of the Working Platform


    • Past chairperson of the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program project panel on geosynthetics
    • Past member of Task Force 25 on Geotextiles leading to Specification M-288 on Geosynthetics
      • Successful in incorporating ASTM geotextile standards into this material specification
    • Past member of Task Force for revision of Specification M-288
      • Successful in incorporating additional ASTM geotextiles standards into this revision.

    Geosynthetics Institute – Folsom, PA

    • Past Member of the Board of Directors

    North American Geosynthetics Society

    • Past President of the Board of Directors
    • Current Executive Director

    International Organization for Standardization

    • Chairperson of ISO Technical Committee 221 on Geosynthetics
    • Personal goal of reducing duplication of efforts in standardization of geosynthetics

    ASCE – Ge-Institute

    • Member

    Conference Chairperson

    • Geosynthetics Conference 2001 – Technical Committee Chairperson
    • Geosynthetics Conference 2003 – Conference Chairperson
    • Geosynthetics Conference 2007 – Conference Chairperson
    • Ge-Frontiers 2011 – Conference C-Chairperson of cooperative conference with American Society of Civil Engineers-Ge-Institute, Industrial Fabrics Association International, and North American Geosynthetics Society

    Honors & Awards

    • New York State Employee Suggestion Award for X-Ray of Soils - 1976
    • ASTM 1986 Award of Merit for geotextile test standardization - 1st Recipient from Committee D35 - Highest Award given to ASTM committee members - Title of Fellow
    • New York State Department of Transportation "Excellence in Engineering" Award - 1991 - for work in geosynthetics
    • New York State Department of Transportation "Award of Excellence" - 1995 - for work in the revision of AASHTO Specification M-288 on Geotextiles
    • Recognition by ASTM Committee D35 for 20 years participation as a founding member of the Committee – June 2004.
    • Member Emeritus of Transportation Research Board Committee on Geosynthetics – 2006
    • International Geosynthetics Society Achievement Award for work within the North American Geosynthetics Society – 2006