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    Journal of Composites Technology and Research provides a forum for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of information on composite materials and their response to the environments in which they are used, especially the engineering and technology of their application to components and structures. Provides a means of communication for researchers, developers, producers, users, suppliers, and professional organizations concerned with composite materials.

    The editorial scope includes full-length technical articles, technical notes (Composites Review), preliminary technical communications (Research Briefs), articles and announcements (World of Composites), book reviews, letters, and discussions of previously published work. All papers peer-reviewed.

    NOTE: This journal ceased publication in October 2003. The full backfile from 1978-2003 is available for purchase.

    Interested authors should visit Advances in Civil Engineering Materials, Geotechnical Testing Journal, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, or Materials Performance and Characterization to view their scopes and submission guidelines.

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