About this Journal

    The journal is published continuously in one annual issue online. Papers are published online as they are approved and edited. Special Issues may also be published on specific topics of interest to our readers.

    Advances in Civil Engineering Materials provides high-quality, papers on a broad range of topics relating to the properties and performance of civil engineering materials.

    Materials Covered: (but not limited to)

    • Concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Steel
    • Polymers and polymeric composites
    • Wood
    • Other materials used in civil engineering applications (for example, pavements, bridges, and buildings, including nonstructural building elements such as insulation and roofing), and environmental systems (including water treatment)

    Core Topics Covered:

    • Characterization, such as chemical composition, nanostructure, and microstructure
    • Physical properties, such as strength, stiffness, and fracture behavior
    • Constructability, such as construction methods, quality control/assurance, life cycle analysis, and sustainability
    • Durability

    Papers may present experimental or modeling studies based on laboratory or field observations. Papers relating to sustainability of engineering materials or to the impact of materials on sustainability of engineering structures are especially encouraged.