Author Information

Vinod K. Arya

Affiliation: University of Akron

Division/Department: Department of Mathematical Sciences

Akron, Ohio 44325-3903
United States

Other Names:
V. Arya


StockCodeTitlePublished AsAffiliationPub Date by Most Viewed
STP24155S Application of a Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction Model to High-Temperature Aerospace Alloys B1900 + Hf and Haynes 188 V. Arya University of Toledo 01 January 1992
STP24256S Proposed Framework for Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Life Prediction of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) Vinod K. Arya University of Toledo 01 January 1993
STP15261S Thermal Strain Fatigue Modeling of a Matrix Alloy for a Metal Matrix Composite Vinod K. Arya University of Akron 01 January 2000