Author Information

S. Allen

Affiliation: TRI/Environmental, Inc.

PO Box 9192
Austin, Texas 78733
United States

Other Names:
Sam Allen; Sam R. Allen


StockCodeTitlePublished AsAffiliationPub Date by Most Viewed
STP19033S Assessment of Current Chemical Compatibility Test Methods Used to Evaluate Geotextile, Geonets and Pipe Sam R. Allen TRIEnvironmental, Inc 01 January 1990
GTJ11297J Development of RECP Performance Test Methods Sam Allen TRI/Environmental, Inc. 01 December 2002
STP13471S Effect of Gripping Technique on Tensile, Tensile Creep and Tensile Creep-Rupture Results for a High Tenacity Polyester Yarn Sam R. Allen TRI/Environmental. Inc. 01 January 2000
STP19035S Minimization of the Effect of Dimensional Variability on Geotextile Property Data for Interpretation of Chemical Compatibility Test Results Sam R. Allen TRI Environmental, Inc. 01 January 1990
STP156220120103 Water-Vapor Diffusion Through Polymeric Barriers Used in Multi-Component GCLs S. Allen TRI/Environmental, Inc. 30 July 2013