Author Information

M. Arcan

Affiliation: Tel-Aviv University

Division/Department: Faculty of Engineering

Tel-Aviv, 69978

Other Names:
Mircea Arcan


StockCodeTitlePublished AsAffiliationPub Date by Most Viewed
STP17406S A Compact Mode II Fracture Specimen Mircea Arcan Tel-Aviv University 01 January 1986
STP30325S A Uniform Pure Shear Testing Specimen for Adhesive Characterization M. Arcan Tel-Aviv University 01 January 1988
STP44200S On the Most Suitable Specimen Shape for Testing Shear Strength of Plastics M. Arcan Institute of Civil Engineering 01 October 1959
STP25614S SEM Fractography of Pure and Mixed-Mode Interlaminar Fractures in Graphite/Epoxy Composites Mircea Arcan Tel Aviv University 01 January 1987