Author Information

Katsuhio Abe

Affiliation: Kobe Steel Limited

Division/Department: Materials Research Laboratory

1-3-18, Wakinohama-cho. Chuo-ku
Kobe, 651

Other Names:
Katsuhiro Abe


StockCodeTitlePublished AsAffiliationPub Date by Most Viewed
STP18871S A Systematic Survey of the Factors Affecting Zircaloy Nodular Corrosion Katsuhiro Abe Kobe Steel, Ltd. 01 January 1989
STP25518S Effect of Alloying Elements on Uniform Corrosion Resistance of Zirconium-based Alloys in 360°C Water and 400°C Steam Katsuhio Abe Kobe Steel Ltd. 01 January 1991