Author Information

Joseph J. Assaad

Affiliation: University of Balamand

Division/Department: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Balamand St.
PO Box 100
Balamand, Al Kourah,


Other Names:
Joseph J. Assaad; Joseph Jean Assaad


StockCodeTitlePublished AsAffiliationPub Date by Most Viewed
ACEM20140038 Assessment of Rheology Variations of Cement Pastes Containing Clinker Grinding Aids Compliant With ASTM C465 Joseph J. Assaad Holderchem Building Chemicals 10 April 2015
ACEM104469 Assessment of Thixotropy of Fresh Mortars by Triaxial and Unconfined Compression Testing Joseph J. Assaad Holderchem Building Chemicals 01 September 2012
ACEM20190139 Bond Properties of Polymer-Modified Lightweight Self-Consolidating Concrete Containing Expanded Polystyrene Joseph J. Assaad University of Balamand 18 October 2019
JAI101735 Relationships Between Key ASTM Test Methods Determined on Concrete and Concrete-Equivalent-Mortar Mixtures Joseph J. Assaad Notre Dame University Louaize 13 February 2009