ASTM Standards in Building Codes Online



    Get the tools you need to:
    • Meet international code requirements established by the International Code Council (ICC)
    • Stay informed and remain competitive
    • Specify the right material for the job
    • Access the latest sustainability standards

    This subscription provides easy access to over 2,000 ASTM construction standards from the Annual Book of ASTM Standards referenced by:
    • The International Codes published by ICC®
    • National Building Code of Canada–National Research Council Canada
    • Uniform Plumbing Code and Uniform Mechanical Code–International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
    • BSD SpecLink®
    • NFPA5000®—Building Construction and Safety Code®
    • SPECTEXT® Master Guide Specifications
    • Green Standards: (Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers, International Green Construction Code (IgCC), Green Globes®)
    • American Welding Society: Structural Welding Code D1.1/D1M:2010
    • UL Global Standards
    • National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

    Online Subscription via ASTM Compass® is IP address access only; this is no longer a username/password product

    Subscription Information

    Subscription Period: The subscription ends 12 months from the day your order is processed.

    Online Subscription via ASTM Compass®: Includes access to historical, withdrawn, and redline versions and workflow tools like annotations and version comparisons

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