ASTM WK77705

    Revision of E1411 - 16 Standard Practice for Qualification of Radioscopic Systems

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    Active Standard: E1411 - 16

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    contrast sensitivity; detector unsharpness; duplex wire gauge; edge sharpening; field of view (FOV); focal detector distance (FDD); focal object distance (FOD); focal spot size; image processor; image quality indicator; imager; line-pair gauge; magnification; near real-time radioscopy; noise reduction; penetrating radiation; radioscopic; radioscopic examination geometry; raster scan; real-time radioscopy; system unsharpness; static mode; step wedge; transmitted beam;;


    (1) discuss radioscopy definition, (2) discuss use of DDAs for radioscopy but covered by E2698, (3) add E746 as a reference and include in section 7.15 (4) add a sentence discussing contrast sensitivity in 7.14

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    David A Fry

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