ASTM WK77622

    New Practice for The Design of Orbital Space Vehicles

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    1. Scope

    Scope: This document is intended to provide a list of suggested practices to be evaluated during the design and manufacture of orbital space vehicles. The recommendations are grouped under the following categories: 1) Human Needs and Accommodations: Specific needs directly associated with the biological needs of the crew and participants. 2) Human Protection: Environmental conditions to which the crew and participants will be exposed during flight. 3) Emergency Considerations: Supplies and vehicle features that are needed to support the crew and participants during emergencies. 4) Mechanical and Electrical Design: Vehicle design features including the physical design of the vehicle, mechanical and electrical systems, manual and automatic systems, crew and participant ergonomics, egress capabilities, working and resting facilities, materials and processes used in construction, ability to withstand impact from debris. 5) Communication Capabilities: Including communication between the vehicle and ground control, communication among the crew/participants, communication with rescue assets during emergencies.


    Orbital; Orbital Vehicle; Space Vehicle; Design


    This standard is being developed to address suggested practices associated with the design of orbital space vehicles. It will include suggested practices identified by the FAA and COMSTAC along with those that will be identified by the spacecraft operators and others.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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