ASTM WK76985

    Revision of E3171 - 21 Standard Test Method for Determination of Total Silver in Textiles by ICP-OES or ICP-MS Analysis

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    Active Standard: E3171 - 21a

    Developed by Subcommittee: E56.06 | Committee E56 | Contact Staff Manager



    mass spectrometry; nanomaterials; optical emission spectrometry; silver; textiles;


    Silver nanomaterials are used in a wide array of consumer textile products to provide enhanced antimicrobial properties. ASTM E3025 Tiered Approach to Detection and Characterization of Silver Nanomaterials in Textiles provides a structured approach to determine if a silver-containing nanomaterial is present in a textile. A basic first step of this tiered approach is to determine if a textile contains any silver regardless of size or form and ICP is a useful technique for this purpose. This ballot addresses the need for an ICP technique to determine total silver content in textiles. This work item was balloted concurrently at the E56 main and E56.06 subcommittee levels (Ballot E56 20-04). The contact for this work item voted negative to permit technical changes then withdrew the negative. Withdrawal of my negative triggered approval of this work item as a new standard; however, I errantly missed a technical comment that was received as part of an affirmative vote from FDA. The purpose of this ballot is to revise the following sentence only in the newly approved standard as follows: Section 8.4 (line 347): Scandium, yttrium, indium or other appropriate element chosen on the basis of a correlation study can be used as the internal standard for ICP-OES analysis of silver.

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    Aleksandr Stefaniak


    E56 (21-03)

    Ballot Item Approved as E3171-2021A and Pending Publication