ASTM WK76780

    Revision of E1990 - 16 Standard Guide for Performing Evaluations of Underground Storage Tank Systems for Operational Conformance with 40 CFR, Part 280 Regulations

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    Active Standard: E1990 - 16

    Developed by Subcommittee: E50.01 | Committee E50 | Contact Staff Manager




    This standard was developed as a framework to evaluate regulated underground storage tank systems (UST) for operational conformance with federal regulations found at 40 CFR part 280. Since the approval of this standard the federal regulations have been amended necessitating a revision of this standard. Previous versions of the standard did not address the new federal requirements which became effective October 13, 2018. The standard was submitted to ballot for withdrawal with no replacement in October of 2018 because it did not address the new federal requirements. The ballot to withdraw did not achieve consensus. A task group was formed on May 29, 2020, to amend the standard to incorporate the new federal requirements. This revision addresses new walkthrough inspection and testing requirements, compatibility issues, tanks previously deferred from regulation, and includes many clerical and technical changes to be consistent in terminology throughout. Guidance relating to release prevention, release detection, tank closure and release response actions have been updated.

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    Patrick Rounds


    E50 (21-08)

    Ballot Item Approved as E1990-2021 and Pending Publication